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Fancy some art with your burrito?

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“Some people are good at making scary faces, I’d like to thank God for making this one.” – Danny Trejo

Canberra is spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious food and off-the-wall art. But you might not have been to an exhibition opening like this before.

Beach Burrito Civic and Sancho’s Dirty Laundry have teamed up to create Burrito Gallery, with it’s second show “Danny Trejo: The Exhibition” opening on Thursday 6 August. Burrito Gallery is all about supporting talented indie art, fostering creative networks and giving artists a platform to exhibit and sell their work.

If you haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, Beach Burrito is like a colourful burst of summer popping out from between the shopfronts of City Walk. Perfect for a quick bite or a meal out with friends, the restaurant offers a chilled out vibe for you to enjoy a great variety of Mexican food, alongside cheap beer buckets and delicious frozen cocktails.

Sancho’s Dirty Laundry sits above Beach Burrito, and is the go-to place in Canberra for indie clothing labels, vinyl art toys, second hand records and graff supplies. They stock some awesome clothing, including limited-run Sancho Apparel t-shirts, and are proud stockists of ‘low-brow’ art.

I caught up with Sancho to find out more about Burrito Gallery, and the upcoming show “Danny Trejo: The Exhibition”

Jose: What was the inspiration behind Burrito Gallery? 

Sancho: Beach Burrito’s restaurant manager and artist Arthur Gruselle and myself wanted to co-curate monthly exhibitions in the restaurant. Our aim is to further the Canberra creative scene.

Burrito Gallery is for the independent artists, designers, photographers and animators who don’t have access to networks and opportunities. We are passionate about creating a collaborative hub for the street based & ‘low-brow’ practices, drawing in people from all walks of life.

Up close and personal with Jessica Dudfield's artwork. See the whole thing at the exhibition!

Up close and personal with Jessica Dudfield’s artwork. See the whole thing at the exhibition!

The exhibition space will be offered to artists at 0% commission, and visitors will be able to purchase any of the artworks for the duration of the exhibition. When the lofty upstairs gallery opens in spring, it will be a part gallery, part retail, part micro performance space.

Why did you choose Danny Trejo as the muse for the upcoming show? 

All of the works created are an interpretation of the actor Danny Trejo, either him as a person or the characters he’s portrayed. I invited a broad spectrum of artists and designers from Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne to be involved. From vector illustrators to painters to air-brush artists, the results will be a visual feast, and the public will be exposed to a wide variety of quality work.

Why Danny Trejo? Well, secretly, I just want Danny to notice me! But seriously, he has such an interesting-looking face, with a colourful life story, there are so many aspects of him to visually explore. I wanted a theme flexible enough to allow each artist the freedom to express themselves, but also structured enough to create a cohesive collection of work.

To me, Danny Trejo is someone who has made his own way and found his path. He tends to get type-cast playing hyper-masculine, villainous characters on screen. But in real life, he’s experienced these crazy defining moments that have made him dedicate his life to helping other people. He once said: “Everything good that’s ever happened to me came out of helping others,” which is something that resonates with me.

Vector style by JRB Illustration.

Vector style by JRB Illustration.

What do you love about living in Canberra? What do you enjoy most about the Canberra nightlife scene?

Canberra is my home, it’s familiar but not stale. I love the fact that when you leave the house, you’re pretty much guaranteed to bump into someone you know. You never feel lonely in Canberra. I’ve spent most of my formative years here and have watched Canberra change and evolve. There are people who I went to school with who “got grown” and are doing amazing things, fighting the good fight to raise Canberra’s profile. Right now, Canberrans are so spoilt for choice – quality choice! I think there have always been these pockets of action, it’s just that now, people are starting to work together – collaboration is key!

the essentials

What: Burrito Gallery. Danny Trejo: The Exhibition
Where: 181 City Walk, Civic
When: Thursday 6 August, 6-11pm. Exhibition runs for three weeks.
How much: Exhibition entry is free. $20 Sol Buckets, $10 Nachos, $10 Chilli Fries on the night.
Art: No commissions taken, 100% of art sales straight back to the artists.
Web: www.beachburritocompany.com/events/act/

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