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Miroji: From procrastination to Triple J Unearthed

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Local indie-pop duo Miroji is making waves in the music industry, transporting listeners with their emotive new EP.

But for Miroji members Gogo and George, collaboration wasn’t always on the cards.

“Miroji started off as a little side project we would do when procrastinating uni work,” explains Gogo, with her co-collaborator George adding that their first track came about almost as an accident.

“I was actually making beats for one of my friends so we could do some dumb raps over them for fun and I called Gogo and was like ‘Hey, can you come to my friend’s house and sing a hook for us? I think it’d be really cool'”.

“First go, Gogo sang this incredible hook which turned into the chorus of our first track ‘To My Vibe’ and I flipped the song to be structured less like a rap beat and more like a standalone track.”

Fast forward and Miroji has just released a new EP ‘Where You’re Wrong’, which Gogo says stays true to their roots—created collaboratively and in George’s bedroom.

“I think the more we learn, each song gets a little better in terms of vocal and production quality,” she says. “George taught himself to use production programs from scratch and we’ve been slowly working out what equipment to use and how to record properly since then.”

“We almost always start with the actual production—George makes a whole bunch of different tracks in different genres and sends them to me. Sometimes, if George really likes a track he’ll be like  “Let’s try and write for this one”.”

“Usually, I’ll listen to something and be like “Oh yeah, we should definitely work on that track” and then I’ll think of the lyrics over the next few days.”

George and Gogo of Miroji.

With a blend of genres, including elements of hip hop for beats and an indie-folk influence for instrumental arrangements and harmonies, Miroji is already winning over listeners, including reviewers from Triple J Unearthed which describe their tracks as “black magic”, “magical turbo gems”, and “sprawling warped pop epics eschewing normal pop structures and unafraid to turn in surprising directions”.

In addition to their new EP, Gogo and George already have four singles under their belt, with singles ‘To my Vibe’ and ‘Wake up Colder’ being picked up by Melbourne based record label, Best & Fairest.

“[Best & Fairest] were so great with getting the songs more exposure when we had no idea what we were doing or how to encourage people to have a listen,” says Gogo.

“Having a label interested in our first ever song really helped give us confidence and made us be like…‘Hey, maybe we can take our music a little more seriously and start figuring out our own stuff.’”

Influenced by artists such as Flight Facilities, Flume and SAFIA, many of Miroji’s creations stem from Gogo’s stories of travel, love and longing. These are communicated beautifully through her melancholy folksy vocals which pull you in and wrap you in their imagery.

While Miroji’s production has been an intimate undertaking, George and Gogo are excited to take their music to broader audiences.

“We’ve been having fun focusing on more fun festival sounds that people can dance to so I think a goal we have would be eventually playing a show at a festival with a big dancy sound and an energetic crowd.”

Keep your eye on Miroji’s Instagram, @mirojimusic, for updates on new music and gig alerts or listen via Spotify.

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