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Flowers + donuts: A match made in heaven

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Two small Canberra businesses. Donuts and flowers. Hand delivered. By two beautiful young people with Down Syndrome.

Is your heart melting yet?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about GG’s Flowers – Canberra’s social enterprise florist that provides meaningful employment for people with special needs and Krofne Donuts – an iconic farmers’ market regular serving delicious Nutella and jam donuts to hundreds of Canberrans every weekend.

I can’t begin to describe my excitement and pride to announce our newest collaboration – ‘Treat and Greet’.

‘Treat and Greet’ is the brainchild of Krofne Donuts and GG’s Flowers to address a pretty catastrophic problem in our community – the lack of meaningful employment opportunities for people with special needs.

Both businesses were established for two incredible humans – Gayana Wijewickrema (GG’s Flowers) and Anthony Vrkic (Krofne donuts). Both young people have Down syndrome and their families were concerned about the lack of meaningful employment opportunities available for their children.


Gayana and Anthony

Unable to sit back and watch, Geetha Wijewickrema (Gayana’s mum) and Danijela Vrkic (Anthony’s mum) both set out to establish successful social enterprises for their beautiful special children. The duo wanted their children to have the same opportunities their siblings had – despite their special needs. The businesses have truly flourished with Canberra’s support and the two mums are incredibly swamped with all the support they have received.

This Valentine’s Day, Anthony and Gayana will be working together in their individual businesses to come together and spread a lot of love, donuts and flowers to the Canberra community.

Gayana will be delivering fabulous flowers and Anthony will be delivering his delicious donuts. And together, they will be employing and empowering an army of their special friends to help them with the deliveries. This will, in turn, provide meaningful employment to these special members of our community and will provide all the lovers out there with beautiful gifts this Valentine’s Day.


Anthony, Geetha, Gayana and Danijela

The duo have two packages available, in addition to all the beautiful bunches that Gayana has on her website.

Treat and Greet

The package: One Krofne Donut (Nutella or Berry Jam) and a single rainbow or red rose.

$25 delivered anywhere in Canberra.

Find out more about it here

Lover’s pack

The package: One Krofne Donut (Nutella or Berry Jam), single rainbow rose, adorable teddy and chocolates.

$50 delivered anywhere in Canberra.

Find out more about it here

So if you’re thinking of a beautiful gift that’s going to provide an employment opportunity to someone that may not have that luxury – why not consider GG’s Flowers and Krofne donuts? Gayana and Anthony will be ever so grateful for your support.

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