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The Public Theatre

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There has long been a certain creativity bubbling under the surface of Canberra.

When arts and music and theatre once hidden in lounge rooms and small venues spill on to the streets, then a city has truly come of age.

We all know that the days of Canberra being called boring are long past and the growth in our arts sector is fundamental to our cool little capital. That’s why I am so excited about The Public Theatre, being staged as part of this year’s Design Canberra festival.

I would expect this in Melbourne or New York. To have this in Canberra is extraordinary.

Cracked Actor

Cracked Actor

Brought to us by the man behind Aspen Island Theatre Company (which is based here in Canberra) founder Julian Hobba wanted to hark back to the classic era of theatre being brought outside to the people.

When I spoke to Julian about the project he told me “you can watch TV any day of the week, but these plays, by some of the best playwrights in Australia, and some of the best actors, will only be here a short time, once it’s done, it’s over, so come out and see it.”



The Public Theatre is based in Civic Square, Canberra from 17-19 November. The venue seats up to 180, creating an intimate space for the diverse shows to be staged.

The program varies from music to theatre to public discourse. One highlight in the theatre is Hamlet [Working Title].

Fresh from the Melbourne and Sydney Fringe festivals and Spectrum Now festival, Hamlet [Working-Title] is the hilarious, award winning one-man show about the famous Prince of Denmark who just can’t catch a break.

Hamlet (working title)

Hamlet (working title)

We promise you haven’t seen this version of Hamlet before.” To local musicians such as Ruth O’Brien, duo Cass and Dave (Cassidy Richens and music legend Dave O’Neill) to a public discourse session such as The Public Forum “Taking The Public Theatre as a people’s forum, Cox Architecture will host a conversation about the future evolution of our city spaces and city building – a topic close to many a Canberran’s heart.

Cass & Dave

Cass & Dave

The public are invited to debate a panel of experts on Canberra’s architecture and planning in an open and lively discussion.” Some events are free but bookings are still required. For the full program check out the website.

the essentials
What: The Public Theatre: Theatre, Cabaret, Film, Music, Public Discourse
When: 17-29 November
Where: Civic Square
Tickets and more info: Click here

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