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‘You Are Here’ is Here

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You Are Here is an independent and experimental arts festival that aims to counter the myth that there is nothing to do in Canberra.

From Wednesday 13 April to Sunday 17 April, You Are Here (YAH) will be bringing unique, unusual and free events to Canberra’s shopfronts, alleyways, homes, car parks, galleries and streets. The full YAH 2016 program was launched last week, and is packed full of intriguing performances, lectures and art installations. Because most of the YAH events are held in small, intimate venues, the audience is immersed in the experience and is often asked to participate in making something magical happen.

HerCanberra’s Highlights of YAH 2016


A series of performances in a home in O’Connor that blurs the line between private and communal experience featuring aerial dance, performance poetry, theatre and experimental music. One of the most intriguing performances is Broken Bone Bathtub, where the audience will help the cast-clad artist, Siobhan O’Loughlin, take a bath after a serious bike accident and hear her stories.

4pm – 6pm on Sunday 17 April. Bookings required, click here for details.


Amelia de Frost, celebrity microwave enthusiast and YouTube star, will present a whole new and hilarious way to think about cooking. The audience will join her for a live television recording, and possibly come away with a strong craving for one-minute mug cake.

7pm – 9pm on Thursday 14 April, click here for details.


An immersive dining experience where guests will share their failures over food. Tell and hear stories about all the sad, bad and mad times that have made each person who they are, guided by artists Bron Batten and Lucy Nelson.

8pm – 10pm on Sunday 17 April, bookings required, click here for details.


An afternoon of workshops for aspiring artists of all ages and skill levels. This event aims to encourage creativity in all its forms and will be all kinds of chaotic fun.

2pm – 5pm, Sunday 17 April, click here for details.


Over 30 artists involved in YAH will come together for an adventure through music, dance and other performance art inspired by John Cage’s instructional work ‘Musicircus’. This party’s motto is ‘more is more’ as Verity Lane is transformed into an explosion of creativity.

6pm – 11pm Friday 15 April, click here for details.

the essentials

What: You Are Here Festival 2016
When: From Wednesday 13 of April to – Sunday 17 April
Where: The Club is the central You Are Here festival hub and is located at 46 Northbourne Ave, Canberra City. During the festival head to The Club for everything you need to know and until then check out the You Are Here website.
How to book tickets: Click on the YAH website for more details

Feature image photo by Adam Thomas at the YAH 2016 Festival launch

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