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Sustainable Life: Mia’s Backyard Veggie Patch tips

Mia Swainson

The backyard veggie patch is an enviable luxury that many Canberrans enjoy over their larger city counterparts.

With a little effort (and a touch of expert guidance) you can build a cornucopia of colour and flavour for the benefit of your health and wallet!

Click to enlarge these handy guides as to what to plant and when during the Canberra seasons. The ultimate guide to building a Canberra climate-friendly veggie patch!


Veggie 2


For more information about growing vegetables in Canberra, visit the Canberra Organic Growers Society website.

There’s information about each vegetable and their Canberra growing season. You can also check for advice that’s specific to the vegetable’s variety on the seedling tag or the seed packet.

Image of ‘vegetable garden‘ via Shutterstock. 


Mia Swainson

Mia Swainson is passionate about creating a more sustainable world and believes that everyone can make a difference. Trained as an environmental engineer, Mia has worked in sustainable development with the Australian Government and community sector for more than 15 years. Mia’s work has taken her around the world to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and back to Canberra. She currently tends her kitchen garden, cares for three young boys and is growing her executive coaching consultancy (miaswainson.com.au/wp). More about the Author

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