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A.Baker – freshly baked

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It’s been hotly anticipated for months, and Canberra diners got a sneak peek of its food philosophy at the 10 Yards Pop Up. Now A. Baker (short for Acton Bakery) is opening its doors.

Part bakery, part restaurant and part underground speakeasy, the newest arrival on the New Acton scene brings some of the Capital’s most passionate foodies – Adam Bantock, Bernd Brademann, Jarrod Deaton, Chris Dennis, Ruslan Salbiev, Michael Gray and the team from Molonglo Group – together in an ambitious project.


The restaurant interior, captured by Scottie Cameron.

The Hotel Hotel blog has the inside scoop. They write:

“In charge of baked goods is Ruslan Salbiev with his team of bakers. Salbiev’s signature bread is a slow fermented sourdough that he makes from a culture he has been feeding for years. His house bread is made from organic wheat milled on site. And yes, his team includes a pastry chef.

Adam Bantock and Bernd Brademann head the kitchen that makes bistro style comfort food. They have an evident love for the local and have made their menu all about as many locally sourced ingredients as they can get their hands on… These include veggies grown on Chris’ own land out near Yass. As if that not enough Chris and Jarrod also roast their own coffee down the road. The menu is one that you can revisit a couple of times a week and not turn into a fatty boomba (although with that pastry chef on hand fatty boombaness may be inevitable).

Following the profoundly local offerings of the kitchen, the moody little bar has worked very hard to include Australian spirits like Tasmanian whiskies, a nice plump list of local wines and a reserve list that goes a bit further afield.

The lads at Design Office have designed the A. Baker layout, and it’s a lovely layout at that. A view into the commercial bakery, a mild steel bar decked out with old marine lights found in Jodhpur, an open kitchen, and brass edged tables and stools designed by the ever talented Don Cameron. And the beautiful walls are courtesy of the fire that ripped through the site in 2011 – melted and bubbled paint, charred bricks and smoke stains… 1500 degree celsius will do that to a wall.”

A look at the menu will make fans of 10 Yards very happy indeed, with an emphasis on regional flavours and ingredients to be found at all hours of the day.

A.Baker opens its doors at 7am, Wednesday 18 September.


the essentials

What: A.Baker
Where: 15 Edinburgh Avenue, New Acton
When: Opens at 7am, seven days til late.
Contact: 02 6287 6150
Web: www.abaker.com.au

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