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Blissiimo! Luxury French teahouse opens on Lonsdale Street

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Blissiimo has expanded its ornate olfactory footprint in Lonsdale Street’s ORI Building and is now offering a luxury French teahouse experience alongside its exclusive range of perfumes. 

A collaboration between Marketing Psychologist Tiffany Manning and Canberra School of Art graduate Amanda Hammond—who between them have designed for Baz Luhrmann, Fox Studios and Harvey Nichols London—Blissiimo has quickly found a firm following of Canberrans.  

The store is a theatrical and bohemian escape with walls lined in niche perfumes from some of the world’s most exclusive perfume houses. 

The pair have now taken over the former Frugii space and expanded the Blissiimo brand into teas, bringing a collection of 125 different teas from all over the world with an exclusive range from the Mariage Frères teahouse in Paris which has been in operation since 1854.  

Tiffany said she wanted to elevate the afternoon experience in Canberra, creating a destination where time slows down and an unhurried tea ritual can take place. With each tea matched to a perfect pot (green tea in an iron pot, Russian tea in a samovar) patrons are invited to pull up a velvet-covered sofa or chair dotted artfully around the ORI building vestibule. The furniture, just like the store, is luxurious. 

Then it’s just a matter of deciding what to have to accompany the tea as an afternoon snack. The menu will be as theatrical as the store, featuring stands of Cacao Macarons from Melbourne, gelati, whipped cream and fruit, parfaits, jelly pots and knickerbockers (layered ice-cream sundaes). 

A home blend of blue matcha butterfly tea.

Coffee lovers and savoury-toothed customers need not fret, barista and mixologist Avalon McGregor is in charge of the coffee machine with the store pouring Seven Mile coffee and serving antipasto platters for those who aren’t sweet tooths. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop at a cup of tea. Tiffany said the teahouse will be filled with music, fresh flowers, an incense bar, and on Mondays, will be a sanctum where customers may like to get a psychic reading, or indeed, have their tealeaves read. 

Incense anyone?

“I want the experience to be an absolute feast for the senses and for people to feel like they have entered another space which is disconnected from the hustle and bustle outside.” 

“I also love the idea of carving out a place for long and leisurely afternoons, where you can indulge in a ritual and not be rushed.” 

Meanwhile, for those of us who have become hooked on Blissiimo’s Cire Trudon candles, and its range of scents from Floris Maison Crivelli, Lubin, Robert Piguet P Frapin and Cie, the beautiful new space continues to be a place to experiment with new aromas. 


The Essentials

Blissiimo Emporio Fragranze & Tea Salon.
Where: 30 Lonsdale Street Braddon
Hours: 11am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday




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