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Local Loves: Altina Drinks

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There’s a quote I love that goes something like “soda water tastes like the person who made your drink hates you”.

Yet when you’re looking for a party-appropriate non-alcoholic drink, that’s usually what you’re offered.

Luckily, Canberra-based start-up Altina Drinks has an alternative. Their ‘zero proof’ (read: non-alcoholic) craft cocktails are delicious and contain no added sugar, so you can avoid a soft drink hangover too.

Established in 2018 after founders Christina Delay and Alan Tse realised there was a gap in the market when it came to sophisticated alcoholic alternatives, Altina offers not only delicious and delicate zero-proof cocktails but an ongoing contribution to the conversation around mindful drinking.

It’s this important conversation that Altina hopes to continue at their very first Zero Proof Festival, which will take place this July. As part of the Festival, two events will be on offer, including an evening at the luxurious Pialligo Estate on Wednesday 15 July, where Head Chef Damien and Mix 106.3’s Kristen Davidson will take diners on a seafood journey with a two-course meal inspired by the Central Coast—with delicious matched zero-proof cocktails, of course.


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The second event will be a fun and informative nutrition seminar hosted by Rolfe Classic MINI Garage on Wednesday 29 July with Kate Freeman from The Healthy Eating Hub.

Kate will touch on the truth behind the “beer belly phenomenon” and share her views on how alcohol and sugar affect weight and how to build a healthy relationship with both beyond ‘July’ 2020.

For Altina, the COVID shutdown and the increased alcohol consumption that followed means that the Zero Proof Festival and education on mindful drinking couldn’t come at a better time. As Altina puts it, the Zero Proof Festival is to showcase that you can have a great time without the alcohol.


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