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Get Bunched: The Bunched Co

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3am in the Emergency Room might not be where many people find their inspiration. 

But for 18-year-old ANU student Kristen Zeller, it was where she got a brainwave while “aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest”, that turned into her new business.


“I [was] waiting for my best friend in the Emergency Room at 3am in the morning, when I came across a photo of chocolate dipped strawberries, and thought how cool would it be to receive something like that at your workplace,” she explains.

For Kristen, this was the spark she needed, having recently deferred her first year of university to pursue her goal of running her own business. And so, The Bunched Co was born.


“The Bunched Co is a brand new Canberra business, that looks to change up and excite the gift of giving,” says Kristen. “The Bunched Co provides a variety of fun edible gifts, from chocolate dipped strawberries to donut bunches, and to make things a little easier, delivery is free of charge to anywhere in Canberra!

Mouth watering already? Wait until you see their full line up.

“Our most popular bunch has got to be the milk chocolate dipped strawberries followed by the Nutella donut bunch. In addition, we also offer a mixed iced donut bunch and a white chocolate strawberry bunch.”


 All of The Bunched Co’s products are handmade or sourced from trusted suppliers – the chocolate dipped strawberries Kristen makes herself while the baked goods are ordered in locally from Desiree’s Fine Foods in Fyshwick.

This is great news for the sweet tooths among us, however, Kristen says she always gets asked why The Bunched Co doesn’t ‘do’ flowers, which she puts down to originality.

“I always get asked this. I will always remember my boss saying, “in order to succeed in business you must, one: be totally original or two: reinvent a concept extraordinarily well”. So I thought, let’s go original.”

“What makes us different from your local bakery or patisserie is there is a sense of fun and uniqueness to the way they are displayed. Our bunches are creatively wrapped, boxed and conveniently delivered to your door.”


Kristen says that thanks to a committed online community and the help of social media, The Bunched Co is flourishing so far.

“When I first launched my business to the social media world on 19 September, I was slightly terrified as to what reaction I would receive from people,” she says. “But I’m currently just over four weeks into my business adventure and I have received the most wonderful comments and support from people, especially from Amelia at Eat Canberra.”


“For me, it’s the little comments people make on my photos and personal messages I receive on social media that make this all worth it. We even have Belinda Love, a contestant from The Bachelor 2017 commenting on our photos which I got way too excited about reading! I am thrilled to be on this business journey, alone, kind of scared but totally excited to see where it leads me in the future.”

So how do you get your mitts on a bunch or send a little something to a lucky loved one? 

“Because this is brand new business, I have not yet established a website as I wanted to see what the response rate was like and whether or not the business is viable and a concept that interests people,” explains Kristen, saying that the best way to go about ordering a Bunched Co product currently is to email thebunchedco@gmail.com. Kristen will then send back an order form and a product list as quickly as possible. 

the essentials

What: The Bunched Co
When: Email thebunchedco@gmail.com
Where: Delivery across Canberra (and the surrounding regions by request)
Find more info: via Facebook and Instagram

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