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How to have your own wine tour, lockdown style!

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A quick jaunt to wine country is off the cards at the moment, but your home is actually the perfect oasis to taste some of Canberra’s best wines—so why not create your own cellar door experience?

While it seems the closest Sauvignon Blanc is located at the bottle-o, fear not wine lovers, as not all hope is lost—some of Canberra’s best wineries are bringing the cellar door to you.

Sitting in front of a computer screen with a wine glass in hand might seem a little too COVID-esque, but there’s something to be said about creating customised itineraries you can enjoy close to home.

Start your long lockdown weekend early, tantalise your taste buds while in your pyjamas and eat an entire charcuterie board without fear of bloating in your new cocktail dress.

Here are a few ways to make home feel like your own private tour package.

Go on a bike tour to the local shops

So, you can’t wind your way from winery to winery pre-lockdown style…but wine and bikes go together like cheese and our very own Emma Macdonald, so to begin your wine tour, ride down to the local shops to pick up the essentials.

Pimp your cheese platter with a molten, golden pool of French Camembert, build your own charcuterie board and make sure to enjoy the luxury, five-star rated ride back.

Unlike normal wine tours, you’ll even have the added joy of dodging rogue magpies.

Choose your tasting menu

Once you reach the celebrated front door, choose your self-led virtual tasting. Taking place on Friday 8 October, the crew from Contentious Character will drop off six new 150ml tasting pouches, from Rose through to Merlot. Specially picked by the vineyard’s Head Winemaker, enjoy the characterful wines as they take you through an at-home tasting experience.

Lerida Estate, home of the 300 Club, has bottled up the best samples of their cool climate wines as a part of a virtual wine tasting pack. Available anytime, ordering is as easy as sending an email.

Lark Hill Winery are also offering tasting packs which include Regional Riesling, Lark Hill Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot, and Dark Horse vineyard Shiraz Viognier, perfect for a self-led experience.

Lake George Winery is also hosting a virtual wine tasting on Friday 8 October, focused on Riesling & Pinot Gris.

Or even just pick up a local drop – if not from the winery itself, then from your local bottle-o.

Be sure to brush up on your wine lingo pre-tasting, so you can dazzle your housemates and family with your superior knowledge. ‘My word, Karen, this Sauv Blanc is rather flinty…’.

Enjoy the wine regions of your home

While seven hours of exploring local wineries is currently off the agenda, you CAN place stations around the house to recreate the atmosphere, with an additional bonus of bed being a few steps away when the day is done.

Starting in the backyard or balcony to enjoy the spring weather, stroll around to take in the views of your neighbourhood before moving to your outdoor setting for the first taster. Then, move into the kitchen for your own private tasting room where you can appreciate your hard-earned charcuterie board.

Venture to the dining room to enjoy a small aperitif and a wood-fired pizza for the true wine-tasting experience (or check out this list of lockdown takeaways). From there, retire to the family room to stay warm as the temperature drops or make the tour unique and head into the lounge room to enjoy your very own at-home concert with some local tunes.

Close enough to the real thing, right? We’ll drink to that. 

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