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Quarantini: HerCanberra Virtual Bar Cocktail Recipe

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On Friday we took drastic steps to ensure that you could mark the end of a crazy COVID19 week in suitable style, with an alcoholic drink (aptly named The Quarantini) in hand.

We (and by we I mean I, Emma Macdonald, Associate Editor of HerCanberra and Phillip Jones, The Martini Whisperer) joined forces to bring you 30 minutes of scintillating cocktail making and conversation via an Instagram live.

We amassed an audience well in excess of the former 500 limit on large groups but managed to do so while maintaining appropriate social distancing—i.e., everyone was at home sitting on their sofas in tracksuits with several bottles of plonk in front of them.

We believe this was a win-win for keeping community connections during these uncertain times, and for us, at least, it was a hoot.

Thank you to those who watched along, and here is the global debut of the recipe of The Martini Whisperer’s special bespoke Quarantini—invented especially for HerCanberra.

I can attest it was bloody magnificent and will be gathering the ingredients this week to continue the tradition in my own home (remember bottle shops are an essential service and will be open—phew!)

The Martini Whisperer’s Quarantini

What you need

15ml Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer

60ml Underground Spirits Chilli Citrus Vodka

1/4 teaspoon Silver or Gold Edible Dust

What to do

Add to cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 30 seconds.

Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

A few notes

Now friends, we totally understand that you may not have access to these exact ingredients, so Phillip advises you can use these as alternate ingredients:

Regular vodka with a dash of Tabasco into the cocktail shaker

Dry Vermouth with a dash of bitters

He sourced the silver edible dust from The Essential Ingredient in Kingston which is operating an online store. So one click of the mouse and you will be able to go the full Monty next time you want to run cocktail hour in your own home. Sometimes life calls for a little silver sparkle, and we reckon now is one of those times.

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