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Sweet Fuel: Treats without the guilt

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Canberra is home to many creative and delicious businesses.

Katarina Lategui has recently jumped on board Canberra’s blossoming food industry with Sweet Fuel – the perfect answer for those searching for yummy treats without the guilt.


The business offers a variety of different treats including muffins, cakes, tarts, and desserts but don’t let that fluffy red velvet icing fool you – what makes Sweet Fuel stand out is that all of their treats are made with nourishing ingredients of the highest quality and by ingredients, we’re talking vegetables.

All of the treats contain wholegrains, no refined sugar and nutritious and natural wholefood ingredients, with a generous portion of at least one fruit, vegetable or legume.

“All of my products are free from refined ingredients and the artificial nasties found in your typical sweet treats,” Katarina explains. “Not only are my sweets made without these ingredients, what they do contain is a variety of foods that are nutritious and beneficial in a healthy diet”.


Sweet Fuel was created from Katarina’s passion for sharing with others. Mother to four kids, Katarina left her career in graphic design to look after them full time. She says the majority of her family have sweet tooths and trying to encourage them to eat well and resist sweets is always a struggle.

At home with her kids she needed a creative outlet. After her baking received a positive response from her friends and family, Katarina realised that others might be interested in her creations on a larger scale.

“[My] love of baking was very much fostered by my mum who’s an awesome baker”. For Katarina, “the prospect of reinventing myself and starting a new career was very exciting”.


Here at the HerCanberra office, we were lucky enough to get a visit from Katarina to sample some of Sweet Fuel’s products. First up we sampled the Real Red Velvet Cupcakes. These cupcakes are made with beetroot and chocolate and are topped with Italian meringue. The texture was moist and smooth and tasted delicious, just like a normal red velvet cake, except with health benefits.

Next up we tried the Dark Chocolate Peanut Bar. This bar is gluten free and made from moist cacao and has a coconut base topped with caramel and crunchy peanut layers and encased in 80% dark chocolate. Are you drooling yet? The bar was rich and crumbly, with the caramel and peanut filling being both smooth and crunchy and leaving you wanting more.


After this we tried the Moist Carrot Cake, made with walnuts and pineapple. The carrot cake, just as the title suggests, was moist and fresh. It is dairy free and topped with orange scented honey Italian meringue.

Lastly, we tried the Strawberry ‘Cheesecake’. This delicious treat is great because it doesn’t contain any cheese! The ‘cheesecake’ is dairy free and gluten free and contains fruits, vegetables and nuts. The sweet is made from cauliflower, cashews, and coconut. The cake was smooth and rich and was topped with yummy strawberries and gelatine.


Katarina’s personal favourites on the Sweet Fuel menu is both the Dark Chocolate Peanut Bar or the Strawberry ‘Cheesecake’, depending on her mood. Although she wouldn’t put anything she doesn’t love to eat on the menu.

So, where can you find these delicious treats? Sweet Fuel doesn’t have a store of its own yet, however, there are a few ways of getting your hands on the healthy desserts. The business is currently supplying a variety of sweets at The Corner Café in Barton. Katarina also takes direct orders over the phone or by email.

As to whether Sweet Fuel will get a store of its own, Katarina has a “never say never” attitude.

You can find more information on Sweet Fuel via their Facebook page, by calling 0416 159 629 or emailing Katarina.

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