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What are all these tiny cute cakes and where can I get them?!

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Trend alert: heart meltingly cute, OTT and a pastel lover’s dream come true, mini cakes have a hold on our heart.

They’ve dominated Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok and now bento cakes (AKA the biggest dessert trend of the season) are coming to Canberra to help bake us happy. 

Perfect for the picnic aesthetic, according to a trusty Google search a bento cake is a lunchbox sized, minimalist cake that was first popularised in South Korea. At approximately 10cm diameter, and weighing about 300 to 350 grams, they can come in a variety of flavours and designs. 

Often featuring mini messages (our current favorites are COVID SUCKS and vaxxed girl summer), they’re the perfect addition to a birthday, picnic or any special event. Unlike the iconic Cheesecake Factory cakes, these bite-sized bakes are just the right size so you know you won’t be leaving any behind or entering a cake coma. 

Just in time for the easing of restrictions, Canberra’s very own bento cakes can be found at Bite Sized Bakes and The Mini Cake Club, two new businesses that are getting ready to open to cure our sugar cravings. 

Bite Sized Bakes officially launches on 15 October, with the Mini Cake Club launching soon after (in the week of 25 October)—and if you keep an eye on their social media pages you’ll be treated to sweet dreams in the form of endless cake. 


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Just remember to BYO your favourite wine glasses to cut the cake, eat your heart out and say cheers to a decadent sugar hit. 

Feature Image: Courtesy of The Mini Cake Club Facebook page.

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