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10 signs you spend too much time at work

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I was at work till 8pm the other night.

The cleaner walked past and said “Hey Beth”, to which I replied, “Hey Michael!”

It got me thinking…

Here are 10 signs you’re spend too much time at work (like me)

1) You’re on a name-to-name basis with the cleaner.

2) 90% of your friends who you hang out with outside of work are from work.

3) You eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at work. I have that many frozen meals in the freezer and different cereals at work it’s not funny. I think my snacks take up 80% of the fridge space.

4) You’ve slept at work before. Admittedly, I haven’t done an all-nighter, but I’ve had many power naps on the couch in the jocks room. I’ve even gone so far as to lie down on the ground in the studio between songs.

5) You have a toothbrush at work. This one’s a real tell-tale sign! If you eat your breakfast at work it only makes sense to have a toothbrush there too.

6) 90% of your social media content is work related. Apologies to all my Snapchat followers who receive goofy in-studio dancing vids day after day!

7) Your third draw is basically a replica of your bathroom. Deodorant, perfume, dry shampoo – those are almost expected, but I know some people who have a full makeup kit, spare straightener, nail kit, iron and even a blender in their third draw!

8) You have a hidden stash of cutlery. Mwahaha, I can’t give too many details away, in case any of my colleagues read this, but by 12pm each day all the cutlery is gone, which makes it a real pain if you have a late lunch. Luckily I’ve got a back-up.

9) You use your workplace as a second household to complete the chores you didn’t get done at home. One time I bought a whole heap of coat hangers to work and dried my clothes over the fence #timesaver.

10) Even when you’re not physically at work, you’re still at work, i.e this is being written from the comfort of my bed at 10.30pm on a Friday night #addicted.

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