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Pivot & Jump Your Way Through 2020

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There is no delicate way to put this: COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives.

Some people, like myself, are lucky and have only been mildly affected. Others have lost people they love, and their lives will be forever divided into Before and After. And then there are the people in the middle—the artists, creatives, small business owners, freelancers and casual workers—who have lost in a few weeks what took, in many cases, years to build.

One thing to be grateful for during this turbulent time is that it didn’t happen twenty years ago. Today, we have the technology available to still see the people we love face-to-face, and many of our social engagements, even exercise classes, have been shifted online.

Not only this, but a lot of businesses—with the right tweak here and there—can operate (at least functionally) in a virtual world that is fast becoming the new normal.

The issue for many people, especially those of us who aren’t particularly technologically literate (*raises hand sheepishly*), is how to start? This is where Pivot & Jump comes in. Pivot & Jump is run by photographers Steph and Janet, who found themselves unable to work in their traditional field when COVID-19 hit. Rather than give up, they decided to focus on sharing their other well-honed skills—being awesome businesspeople who are able to quickly and creatively adapt to the times. They started Pivot & Jump in order to help others do the same.

“The concept of Pivot and Jump is that in this time right now, in our face-to-face businesses, we need to find a way to turn our focus (pivot) and take a leap of faith (jump) into doing something different,” Steph tells me. “This might simply be working out ways to use online technology to help you adjust and continue working, or it might be taking advantage of this time to find online solutions to streamline your business more.”

Having had to move online and completely change their business model, they are no strangers to the process. Their aim is to guide businesses through to the other side of the pandemic by offering innovative solutions to keep earning money.

For the next month, Pivot & Jump are offering a free 45-minute Discovery Call (normally priced at $250) to people looking to move their business online until the end of May.

“Pivot & Jump is a business venture born out of seeing a need in the community for other small businesses and sole traders who are struggling to see opportunity when there is so much negativity going on,” Steph tells me. “During the initial free discovery call, we work with the client to find out what challenges they’re facing, what their goals are, and how can we help them to shift their businesses to the online world.”

“As a part of every free call, the business will also receive a free Business Analysis and Strategy Report which outlines where they are now, where they want to be, and the strategy that we discussed they need to deploy to get themselves there.”

“The fact that in most cases, approaching this opportunity creatively and transitioning into an online environment means that often times businesses are able to increase their income dramatically.”

If businesses want to keep working with Pivot & Jump after the initial call, Steph and Janet are there to help every step of the way when it comes to moving a business online, including offering services around system processes and set up, website design, marketing and lead generation, and even assisting with creating a brand new business altogether.

None of this is to say that changing your entire business or dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic is easy—far from it. Steph and Janet are very aware of this and approach everyone they work with in a compassionate and understanding way.

On that note, Steph shared with me her top 10 goals for getting through this challenging time: not just as a business owner, but as a human being.

  1. Create goals, even if they are simple ones: “Today, I will do a load of washing and plant some seedlings.”
  2. Take time to self-reflect and seek out a professional if you need help—this doesn’t have to be a counsellor, it could be someone who teaches meditation, for example.
  3. Take one day at a time.
  4. Accept that your feelings are just as valid and you are not less of a person if you are angry when your neighbour seems to only be seeing positivity.
  5. Stop watching the news, scrolling Facebook or reading news articles if you find that it is feeding your anxiety.
  6. Work when you have the most energy. Some people work better at evening, some work better in the morning.
  7. Try to keep a routine to help you familiarise yourself to a new state of normal.
  8. Define your spaces. Keep work separated from the home.
  9. Don’t stay in your pyjamas.
  10. On days when it’s ‘too hard’ try to ‘turn up for work’ anyway. Get something done and go from there.

However you decide to pivot and jump your way through 2020, whether moving your business online or binge-watching the Tiger King, I hope you stay as safe, healthy, and happy as possible.

You can find more information about Pivot & Jump on their Facebook page or through their website.

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