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Things keeping us sane during COVID

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Sanitiser, loungewear and Ti-i-iger King, these are a few of our favourite things…

Whether we’re working from home, homeschooling or binging on Netflix, here are a few creature comforts keeping the HerCanberra team sane during COVID.

Online Editor Beatrice Smith

Shop local

I’m trying to support local small businesses as much as possible at the moment—which isn’t hard when so many of them sell such beautiful things.

Recent purchases include vitamins and Beauty Chef products from The Lab, a gorgeous gua sha tool and at-home brow tint kit from The Beautique, a Brunch Box delivery from Three Mills Bakery, mini Posie candles from Shop Girl Flower Girl, tea from WayPoint Tea Co, flowers from Moxom & Whitney and houseplants from Flowers from the Garden.


I love poddos so much I even wrote about my fave COVID podcasts at the start of lockdown, but these are my current favourites:

  • The High Low: Cultured London journo best mates chatting about everything from Love Island to UK politics.
  • Coronacast (ABC): If you don’t know of Dr Norman Swan yet, you really should—he and reporter Tegan Taylor give a daily Australian perspective on COVID-19.
  • The BBC World Service Coronavirus Global Update: A brief overview of what’s happening in relation to COVID-19 across the world, daily.


Might seem like a strange sub-category but I recently celebrated my sister’s 18th birthday with a four-person party at home—and planning it was the most fun.

We created a three-stage bar crawl that started with a Pimms & High Tea picnic and ended with a lurid-coloured fiesta (pictured above) complete with margaritas and tapas.

The decorations were super easy to arrange (Kmart, mostly), I created invitations and menus for each ‘bar’ for free on Canva and my sister who lives in the UK made unique soundtracks for each ‘stop’, and joined in the party via FaceTime.

To anyone celebrating during lockdown—you’ve got this.

Reading…or lack thereof

I’m just going to come out and say it—I haven’t picked up a single book during COVID. I know.

Instead, I’ve been revisiting some of my favourite long-form online profile pieces, like:

Sigh. Cooking.

I dislike cooking and never want to devote time to it—even during COVID, when everyone and their mum is baking bread.

That being said, my colleague Emma’s delish Chorizo dish was a total cracker, and so easy to make.

Otherwise, I’ve been treating myself to some super luxe takeaway in the form of AKIBA‘s bao and Rogane Chimac‘s insanely good Korean fried chicken.

Music, music, music

I’m a huge Spotify junkie, so I have a fave playlist for every COVID occasion.

Here are some of my favourites (click the title for the link):

I also can’t stop listening to Harry Styles‘ new album—Fine Line. It’s been on repeat for about three months now—especially Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar, Adore You, Cherry and Golden—and I think I might have a problem. Help.

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