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Altogether now: Music for Canberra

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The COVID-19 pandemic has silenced a lot of things; from nightlife to restaurant culture.

Luckily, music hasn’t been one of them. We’ve witnessed the joy it can bring from tiny balconies in Italy during lockdown, to streets brought together by an impromptu driveway violin session.

If you’ve been mulling about learning an instrument, there’s probably never been a better time.

A renewed love of music is something acting artistic Director of non-profit organisation Music for Canberra, Lindy Reksten, has certainly noticed over the last six months.

“Music is important now more than ever in a year in which we have continually turned towards the arts for inspiration, comfort and enjoyment,” says Lindy.

“With immense positive social and personal benefits enrolling in learning an instrument is an important step in improving focus and confidence—not to mention fun.”

Offering group and individual music lessons, ensembles and orchestras in a wide range of instruments, styles and genres to people of all ages, Music for Canberra has recently opened their term four enrolments.

Music for Canberra used to be Music for Everyone and Canberra Youth Music, which means it represents 30 and 50 years of ACT musical history respectively, with the merged organisation boasting Canberra’s largest program, with classes focusing on everything from the drums, flute, recorder, guitar and strings, to choir work.

Classes cater from any age, starting from as young as 18 months old with the organisation’s popular children’s class, Music Play. The Mixed Abilities Program consists of music groups and classes for both adults and children living with disability.

There are also group classes such as Seasoned Voices senior choir, youth string ensembles and group tuition classes.

“From the big to the small, experienced to complete musical novice, Music for Canberra has the right program and prides itself on innovative, high quality and accessible music for everyone, offering group and individual lessons alongside a range of performance ensembles,” says Lindy.

“As a non-profit organisation with a community focus, Music for Canberra encourages people of any age, any ability and any background to take up an instrument or singing and experience the benefits music can offer.”


What: Music for Canberra
Where: Ainslie Arts Centre, 30 Elouera Street, Braddon
When: Term four enrolments open now
How much: From $30


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