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Is this the best bubble recipe ever?

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A few weeks ago when I interviewed Zoe Rose, the user experience designer and consultant who raised over $4000 for OzHarvest through her Ken Behrens merchandise, I got something I didn’t expect.

A recipe for really amazing bubbles. That’s right—bubbles. It turns out mum of one Zoe is a bit of a bubble enthusiast who has endeavoured to create the perfect recipe for long-lasting DIY bubbles—and she even agreed to share her findings with HerCanberra!

So we present—on the first week of a locked-down school holidays, nonetheless—Zoe Rose’s recipe for excellent backyard bubbles!

But before you crack into the washing up liquid, you’ll need the perfect tool.

Zoe recommends creating a ‘garland wand’, which is easily made with a couple of sticks and some wool, with instructions available here.



  • You need an empty juice or soft drink bottle (not a milk bottle) 1.5 litres or bigger
  • 1 tsp guar gum (it’s a powder, vegans use it to thicken cakes and things. You buy it from health food shops)
  • Glycerine, quantity unimportant, a tablespoon or two should do
  • 30 ml washing up liquid -fairy liquid is best, morning fresh won’t work


Put your guar and some glycerine in a little dish, stir until the mix is smooth and liquidy

Put 1 litre of tap water in the bottle

Pour the guar slurry into the water, shake really hard for 30 seconds or more

Add the washing up liquid, shake gently to mix through


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