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Roadtest: Gobble Guts

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Starting your baby on solids can be a stressful time.

I know first-hand how tricky it can be, after struggling with my fussy first-born. I remember haphazardly trying to cook a bunch of “easy” recipes I’d found on Google which resulted in twisted lips and wrinkled noses, then a tiny hand swatting the spoon away, the contents landing all over my clothes.

I’d increasingly grow frustrated with the time I wasted trying to make something nutritious only for it ending up in the bin, and then feel guilty when I’d have to resort to highly-processed packet food.

So when my second-born, Sofia, was due to start solids I approached it with trepidation. Would she be fussy too? How would I find the time to make nutritious meals all while working and chasing a busy toddler?

Enter Gobble Guts.

When I first saw the business pop up on my Internet search browser (yes, I was desperately googling ‘baby food delivered Canberra’,) I couldn’t click on the link fast enough.

Owned by husband and wife duo Sam and Katie Croser, Gobble Guts is a Canberra-based baby and toddler meal delivery service that brings nutritionist designed, natural and preservative-free meals to your door, freshly cooked and ready to be heated or pureed.

The best part? They have skillfully mastered the delicate balance of bringing only nutritious ingredients together to be lick-the-plate delicious (I can vouch for that myself since I regularly steal a spoonful or two.) I don’t think I’ve had one wrinkled nose or swatted hand throughout our entire experience.

Katie and Sam Croser and their family.

Breakfast options include “Quin B” (blueberries, quinoa, coconut milk, banana, hemp seeds and cinnamon) and “pumpkin pudding” (coconut milk, apple, oats, pumpkin, flaxseed oil, cinnamon and allspice) while lunch/dinner options include “sweet pea” (sweet potato, chickpeas, parsnip, parsley, olive oil, cumin, garlic and lemon juice), and Sofia’s personal favourite, “A team” (quinoa, dried apricots (sulphur free), pumpkin, cauliflower, coconut butter, turmeric and pepper.)

Sofia enjoying the ‘Quin B’

The allergen-free ingredients used are all designed to support your little one’s growth and development, including blood building, immunity, eyesight, digestion and brain development.

Sam and Katie say they were prompted to create the business after introducing solids to their own fussy first-born.

“When he began eating solids, we fed him pureed foods with little flavour variations for too long,” Katie says.

“We didn’t provide him with the opportunity to try new flavours and textures.  Now as a toddler, he refuses to try foods that aren’t shaped like a dinosaur or don’t look visually appealing in some way. We quickly realised that when our daughter started eating solids, we needed to offer her variety.”

“This meant spending valuable time in the kitchen creating flavour combinations which met her nutritional needs. As working parents, we don’t always have the time to do this and refuse to buy highly-processed jars and pouches from the store. That’s why we created Gobble Guts, a comprehensive nutrition solution to make you feel good about the food you are providing to your little ones.”

The ordering process is quick and easy; simply place your order online anytime. Delivery days are Sunday and Thursday.

One satisfied customer.

Meals arrive frozen and can be heated on the stovetop or microwave, then pureed or mashed to your baby’s liking, or left as finger food for toddlers (there will also be 250g size meals available soon to suit kids up to five years old, with pre-orders available.)

As a busy mum, I can’t tell you enough how satisfying it is to watch my baby lick the spoon every time and know she is eating only the most nutritious ingredients. It’s also meant I have more time to spend with my daughters, rather than in the kitchen. For my family, that’s a win-win.

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What: Gobble Guts
Where: Delivery around Canberra
When: Order anytime. Delivery days are Sunday and Thursday
How much: One meal costs $6.95. Deliveries available for orders $40 and over with $9.95 delivery fee (free delivery for orders over $60.) Gift vouchers are also available.
Website: gobbleguts.com


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