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Netflix: Global Window

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Explore some of the world’s most culturally and geographically isolated communities without leaving the lounge.

These documentaries each expose different corners of the world that are otherwise inaccessible, showing what ‘home’ looks like for different people around the globe.


This BBC documentary series examines the lives of communities around the globe, through the lens of their relationship with the environment. From fishing for sharks off the coast of Papua New Guinea, to racing against elephants in the search for water in the arid Sahara Desert, to embarking on expeditions across thousands of kilometres of sea ice in the arctic. Human Planet is worth watching not only for its insights into the lives of people across the world, but also for the incredible landscapes and wildlife.


One of Russia’s closed cities, Ozersk is home to the Mayak nuclear facility and one of the most contaminated places in 
the world. Historically, residents were given the very best of food, education and healthcare in return for their secrecy. Generations later, its residents face human rights violations and serious repercussions of long-term radiation exposure.


Told through the eyes of Zin-Mi,
a young girl joining the Children’s Union, this documentary peels back the curtain of propaganda
to expose the reality of life in North Korea. Producers deliberately deceived the Korean government’s attempt to control the film, leaving cameras rolling to expose the artificial way North Korea’s residents and their lives are portrayed to the rest of the world.


Deep in the Central African Republic lives a tribe of Pygmies. Ivan Bulik makes the dangerous journey through Africa to find 
the tribe and discover their way of living. Learn the fascinating customs of the tribe, as well as the ever-growing threats to their existence—from the logging industry to militia from the neighbouring Republic of Congo.

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