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Meet Tradies Meteors’ trailblazer Sally Moylan

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Meteors Off-spinner and horticulturalist, Sally Moylan in action at the WT20 match against Queensland Fire in Brisbane last year. Photo: Chris Hyde/Getty Images AsiaPac

Meteors Off-spinner and horticulturalist, Sally Moylan in action at the 2013 Brisbane WT20 match against QLD Fire. Photo: Chris Hyde/Getty Images AsiaPac

There’s a passion inside them that goes beyond the cricket pitch for the women who are the ACT Tradies Meteor. It’s a passion that seeps into their every day life and their plans for the future after they ‘retire’ from their professional sporting career.

Sally Moylan is no different.

Amidst playing cricket for the Tradies Meteors and also studying to complete at Certificate III in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens) at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), the 26 year old off-spinner was recently recognised as the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of theYear at the ACT Training Excellence Awards. She’s currently studying Conservation and Land Management.

As a result of her hard work and dedication to her studies, Sally admits that she likes to fly under the radar but was happy to receive the award for excellence in her horticulture, conservation and land management studies.

“To be honest being recognised for such an achievement means a lot to me. I am very proud and honoured,” she says.

“Having the chance to be an ambassador and represent the ACT in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is something I am very passionate about.”

While the award is a great achievement for Sally she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and believe that they can achieve whatever it is they aspire to be simply by having the right mindset.

“If I can share my story and achievements with the wider community I might inspire someone else to do something they’ve always wished to do,” says Sally. “That’s what really makes me happy in receiving this award.”

Life after cricket looks very exciting for Sally with a true love for nature that has her determined to become a park ranger and give back to the environment.

Sally Moylan bowls during the WNCL match against Victoria at Russell Lucas Oval last year in Melbourne. Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Her desire to follow multiple passions was most likely instilled in her at young age around the time she played soccer and cricket in her home town of Wellington, just outside Dubbo in New South Wales. But she when faced with the decision and cricket won out.

“It was a tough choice to make at the time, I was in my teens and playing both rep cricket and soccer,” she says.

“Travelling from countryside to countryside, I clocked up kilometres on the old family van and it was heavy on the folk’s pockets. So there came a point where I had to choose. And I guess the coin flipped on cricket.”

Sally laughs at the fact she was, still is, good at the ’round ball’ code and admits she’s still fond of kicking the soccer ball around Canberra although promoting women’s sport and representing the ACT Tradies Meteors is her primary focus at the moment; her off-field success will come at a later date.

“I give back to it [cricket] as much as it has given to me by helping to develop the skills of younger players and help promote women’s sport as much as possible.”

The horticulturalist is looking forward to what the 2014/2015 season will bring and while it is already underway, Sally is planning to have another great year following the team’s success least year that saw them make the Women’s Twenty20 final—her greatest cricketing achievement.

But soon there’ll be another patch of green making its way into Sally’s life with plans to buy a block of land on the south coast to live the hippie life “while watching the birds and bees pollinate the wild flowers” and enjoy a career outside of cricket.

Catch Sally and the Tradies ACT Meteors under the lights at Manuka Oval on Friday 19 December at 6.00pm. 

The essentials

What: Tradies ACT Meteors v Qld
When: 6pm Friday 19 December; 10am Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 December
Where: Manuka Oval, Manuka







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