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Anthea and Lyndon: The Couple Who Capture

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“We can give something valuable to people that they can’t give to themselves.”

Creative Canberrans Anthea and Lyndon believe that wedding photos and videos should provide an emotional connection to the day, rather than simply being a record of what happened and who was there.

“Traditionally, events at a wedding were filmed continuously from a single viewpoint on a tripod,” says Anthea. “After being watched once or twice, the hour-long video recording was usually shoved away in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again.”

Anthea and Lyndon think that wedding photographs from their parents’ generation tend to lack spontaneity, creativity and a genuine connection with the people in the images. They challenge this tradition through their photography and videography business, Anthea & Lyndon.

“We roam around to get cinematic and engaging footage from different angles to edit into a highlights video,” says Anthea.

From students to masters

Anthea studied photography at CIT and then at the ANU School of Art.

“I exhibited my photographs in galleries, sold prints at markets, and did documentary photography for not-fot-profit organisations locally and internationally,” says Anthea.

After Lyndon completed his film and TV studies at USQ in Toowoomba, he worked for seven years with a commercial TV and video company in Canberra.

“Two years into our relationship, we realised that we had the perfect complementary skills to start a business,’ says Anthea. ‘Together, we could offer emotive, cinematic wedding photography and videography.”


Photogenic Canberra locations

Anthea and Lyndon scout specific locations for each couple depending on the time of year and what places have a special meaning for them.

“There are so many little hidden gems among the suburbs that you’d never notice if you weren’t look for them,” says Anthea.

“Lots of suburbs back on to nature reserves, forests or parks, which are perfect for an outdoor woodland feel. Popular spots for something a bit more architectural include Mount Stromlo Observatory, NewActon and the Fitters’ Workshop.”

Shoots are scheduled with the most appropriate time of day and weather in mind.

“In the right lighting, pretty much any location can be interesting to shoot,” says Anthea.


Capturing unique weddings

“There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the decision to spend the rest of your life together,” says Anthea. “Weddings are a reflection of what each couple values.”

Anthea and Lyndon build a relationship with the couples they work with before their wedding, so that they feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera.

“This helps us to get personal and intimate photographs and footage, rather than relying on generic portrait poses,” says Anthea.

These days, more and more couples are requesting a video of their wedding.

“In a photograph you can’t hear a father’s nervous voice as he delivers a heartfelt speech, a best man’s embarrassing but hilarious joke or a grandparent’s belly-aching laugh,” says Anthea. “Music also has a really powerful way of adding another emotional level to the story.”


A lasting gift

The couple enjoy capturing the mix of emotions, relationships, people and events that plays out in front of them.

“I think that our connections with each other are one of the most meaningful things in life,” says Anthea. “We love the thought of people looking at our photos and videos, and remembering everyone who is important to them how they felt in those moments.”

The couple produce work that they expect people to look at and value in 100 years’ time.

“By documenting weddings, we can give something valuable to people that they can’t give to themselves,” says Anthea.

Currently, they’re planning their own wedding.

“We see our relationship with all our wedding vendors as a collaboration rather than just a business transaction,” says Anthea. “That has made the whole experience of planning our wedding more personal and meaningful for us.”

To view examples of their emotive work and get in touch, visit:

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