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Why can’t we?

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“What if making things happen lies on the other side of just a little bit of investigation, or work, or just beyond a request for help?”

At a recent rehearsal for our upcoming musical, based on my teen novel, Unrequited (which hits the shops in a couple of weeks) our composer, Sally Whitwell, said to the students, ‘This is what the strings would play if we had some’.

We’re conducting a performing arts workshop for the show at St Clare’s College, with a showcase in early November, and we’re trying to restrain ourselves from the temptation to stage the full-on musical extravaganza, because it’s meant to come with less pressure than that, first time around. 

But we’ve already fallen in love with the concept of ‘pop concert’ lights and staging, and someone has generously offered to make that dream come true. When we heard the gorgeousness of the string parts we weren’t going to have because all of our key string players (including The Voice’s Lucy Sugerman) are already in the cast for the show, we said, ‘Why can’t we have strings?’ and now we’re determined to find some…

Next, my co-author Audrey and I, for I Don’t Have Time (and its upcoming sequel, I Can’t Be Bothered), received an email from an old friend in Singapore. We’d let people know about our upcoming Canberra workshop, and she’d said ‘bring it to Singapore and I’ll come’.

‘Why not bring it to Singapore?’ we thought, immediately, and we’re currently liaising with various contacts there about the possibility of a work trip there.

‘Why not?’ is such a powerful question. 

We fleetingly mention a raft of possible scenarios as we go through life:

Wouldn’t you love to …

What if we could …

Imagine if …

So often, these are throwaway sentences, followed quickly by a list of reasons why we can’t. That would be great, but wouldn’t it be too hard/expensive/complicated …

What if it isn’t? What if making things happen lies on the other side of just a little bit of investigation, or work, or just beyond a request for help?

What if, more times than not when we had a fleeting thought about the possibility of something, we asked ‘why not?’ instead of assuming it’s not realistic. There are, after all, just six degrees (or less) separating us from people who can help us make amazing things unfold if only we put ourselves out there and ask.  

Please indulge me, and let me ask:

Do you, or does a friend, play violin, viola, cello, double bass or base guitar at Grade 5 or 6 level, and have a burning desire to volunteer in the premiere workshop performances of a new Australian musical on November 2-4? We’re intending it for Broadway one day, but we’re starting where we are, with what we have. Please get in touch!


Do you have contacts in Singapore who may be keen to attend a workshop on making the most of time, and finding the motivation to identify and chase the projects that fill us up? Would love to hear from you about that too!

For everyone else, here’s an opportunity to WIN two tickets to our upcoming Canberra workshop (or the ones in Sydney or Newcastle if that’s closer for you). Entry takes 10 seconds! 

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