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My beauty routine

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I am a sucker for a new beauty product.

I have so many moisturisers and eye creams and primers and serums – it’s ridiculous but I like to try new things. I have found that despite the endless unfinished tubs and tubes of products, I still have my favourites that I run out of and replace.

What was a little scary, when I started thinking about this post, is just how specific and elaborate my skin routine is, but I expect it’ll be worth it down the track. I have purchased every product on this list.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I use Garnier Micellar water in oil to remove my eye makeup. You obviously have to shake the bottle up to combine the two ingredients. I put it on a cotton pad and find it glides on and takes off my eyeliner and mascara really easily. Rubbing your lashes and the delicate under eye area is a big no-no. It’s also a cleanser so doesn’t need to be washed off.


A cleansing oil is next to remove the rest of my makeup – foundation and blush/highlighter. I was recommended Purity Solutions nourishing deep cleansing oil by my skincare specialist. It removes excess oil, makeup, sunscreen and environmental nasties you don’t even know are on your skin. It contains argan oil and antioxidants – the good stuff.

It’s not something you can buy over the counter but is something that moisturises and has an impact on the skin at a cellular, rather than just a surface level.

The same goes for my face wash which I use morning and night. I bought Cosmedix benefit clean, gentle cleanser from the same skin clinic. You don’t need much before it lathers up and leaves skin feeling clean. It’s sulphate free and is good for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Two to three times a week I use Zöe Foster Blake’s Go To exfoliating swipeys. What attracted me to them was they are single wipes. As exfoliators do, they remove dead skin cells and moisturise. Each wipe contains AHAs (improve the signs of ageing and combat pigmentation) and moisturising oils. Do not use them under your eyes and you must rinse it off after one minute as instructed.


A serum is next. The type of serum you need will depend on your skin type and the time of year. I am all about moisture right now so am using Kate Somerville’s quench, oil free hydrating serum. I apply in the morning and before bed.


I add a couple of pumps of rose hip oil to the serum in the AM and PM (to save time and knock out one step). I am currently using Swisse. There are heaps on antioxidants in rosehip oil that help even out skin tone, protect from sun damage and free radicals and improve skin texture and pigmentation.

I am a big believer in sunscreen – no one wants wrinkles or sunspots. If you want more info, check out one of my earlier posts written for HerCanberra. Mecca Superscreen is my choice. It’s SPF 50, hydrating, doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and doesn’t affect the look of my makeup. It absorbs well and combats UVA and UVB rays.


If I’m going to skip one step it’ll be this one (it all depends on time) – Primer before putting on my foundation. I have Mecca’s soft focus smoothing primer that blurs fine lines and hydrates. It feels beautiful going on my skin.


I wait a couple of minutes between the serum and rosehip oil going on before applying my sunscreen. I wait a couple of minutes again before using a primer. At the moment I’m not using an eye cream because I find the mix of products I have work on the delicate under eye area. Plus, I think that’s a comprehensive enough routine.

What’s your beauty routine? What products do you swear by?

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