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Canberra activewear label making a positive difference for every body

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When 32-year-old Clarissa Zaffina started thinking about her future and what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, she knew one thing: she wanted to make a positive difference in the world.

Two years later she’s officially launched her activewear and swimwear label 1Body—a brand devoted to sustainable practices and helping women of all shapes and sizes feel confident about their bodies.

Inspired by her own love for activewear, fitness, and sustainability, Clarissa noticed a gap in the activewear and swimwear market for diversity and inclusivity. But more than that, her worry extended to the unsustainable creation of the clothing.

“I do think the movement for body acceptance is starting to change,” she says. “We’re starting to see more and more women that look normal—not like stick figures—but a lot of brands don’t do recycled stuff,”

“They’re not tapping into that market where they’re using recycled material, which there is a lot of.”

Spending months researching the possibilities for sustainable and ethically made activewear, Clarissa finally found Carvico, an Italian company that collects waste from the ocean and recycles the bottles, fishing nets, and clothes into usable textile yarn and fabric.

And while she doesn’t have a background in fashion or design, she knew she wanted to work with them to create a product that she—and other women—would love.

“For my soul, that makes me feel better knowing that they’re getting paid and treated fairly,” says Clarissa. “And also that we’re producing a product that’s good for the environment.”

“When I was thinking about the concept [of 1Body] and the things that I liked in gym brands, I knew straight away that I wanted a brand that was sustainable…From the get-go, the brand needs to represent what I believe in.”

But as a new, small independent brand, Clarissa wants to do more for the environment. From each purchase, a portion of the profit goes towards One Tree Planted and The Ocean Cleanup, cleaning oceans, clearing landfills, and helping to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

“Since we’ve launched, it’s not much but we’ve been able to donate $30 to tree planting which means there are now 30 more trees in Australia,” she says.

“I’m hoping in the future we get big enough that we can support more environmental programs that make a difference…I would also love to move into domestic violence and supporting women, like breast cancer survivors.”

“I just really want to build a community that’s supportive.”

When asked if she sees more brands following in her footsteps in the future of sustainable (and diverse) fashion, Clarissa’s answer is simple.

“Look at the world around us, we all have to change,” she says. “If there’s no change, climate change isn’t going to get better. I feel like the consumer is pushing businesses to do that.”

Building her brand around a positive body movement, currently the sizes at 1Body range from XS to XL, with hopes to include more sizes and adaptive options for women with disabilities in the future.

Choosing trendy, supportive, and comfortable material that is ultra chlorine resistant, sunscreen resistant, pilling resistant, and even helps with muscle control, customers can also personalise their activewear—an addition that makes the purchase (and the wearer) feel even more special.

And as Clarissa explains, when you only have one body you need to make it feel good.

“I was trying to come up with ideas around 1Body and I thought ‘What makes us all the same? When we all look different, what makes us all the same?’ Well, we’ve only got one body for our entire life.” says Clarissa.

“No matter what kind of body we have, we just have to look after it and appreciate what it does.”

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