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Canberra says hello to Goodbyes

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Canberra’s pre-loved, high-end clothing market is about to receive a shipment of energy and style with the impending arrival of Melbourne company Goodbyes.

The Goodbyes team have taken over the lease of a large space on Lonsdale Street in Braddon—formerly the home of Bitten Goodfoods—and are looking to open Goodbyes Ngunnawal (what the team calls Canberra) in November.

Started in Melbourne six years ago by two enterprising fashionistas Monique Thomas and Olivia Mangan, the store now has three outlets in Melbourne and one in Hobart.

Mon (left) and Liv have made a career out of high-end clothing resale.

Yet Canberra has always been an aspiration, with Mon having grown up here before setting flight at 18 to follow a career in the second-hand fashion industry. She met Liv in New Zealand where they were both inspired by the growth potential in the resale market and determined they would change the fashion retail dynamic and contribute what they could to sustainable fashion and the circular economy.

Goodbyes is the result of their efforts.

It’s a high-volume clothing resale service where the local community can shop and sell quality clothing, shoes and accessories.

Goodbyes Prahan, Melbourne.

Sellers can bring in freshly washed clothes and the Goodbyes team sort, select, price and merchandise their items. Pieces are in store for seven weeks and when items sell, proceeds are split between Goodbyes and sellers.

They take a large range of pieces in both masc and femme styles and rather than curating based on particular designers or labels, they look for timeless pieces, quality fabrics, great construction, and seasonal styles.

The result is over 3500+ high-quality pre-loved garments in each of their stores with prices ranging from $30 – $1000 depending on the piece. You can expect to find labels such as Gorman, Scanlan and Theodore, Zimmermann, Acne Studios, Issey Miyake, Gucci and everything in between.

Goodbyes also stocks a large range of shoes, bags and accessories.

There’s always something new with over 100+ garments released to the shop floor daily and the concept has been resoundingly popular.

According to Mon, “It became apparent to us that over consumption was a major issue within the fashion industry, in particular the mass production of cheap, poor-quality garments. Quality and longevity of garments quickly became the focus of conversations with our community, and we decided to make it the primary focus of the business, too.

“Today we continue to be motivated by the opportunity to provide a solution to the increasing demand of customers who are looking for a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to shop.”

For Mon, it is also a full-circle home where she has reacquainted herself with the city.

Goodbyes Canberra/Ngunnawal opening in Braddon in November.

“Earlier this year I was fortunate to spend a month in town whilst measuring up the new site and organising plans for the fit-out, I enjoyed getting to know the city again, taking lots of icy morning walks up Mt Taylor, discovering some new favourite spots to eat and drink (thank you Paranormal wines, Bar Rochford and Barrio!) and dreaming up Goodbyes Ngunnawal.”

Right now Mon and Liv are keen to secure new team members to help get the store underwway.

If you want to get involved, applications can be made via their website here or you can email

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