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CBR RAW Awards: Reneira

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Winter is truly upon us. It’s time to face the harsh reality that some of those beautiful summery pieces you’ve kept in your wardrobe “just in case” are probably not going to get worn unless you’re heading to a different hemisphere.

Unless…you’ve invested in some pieces which can adapt to the change in season. I always think about how summer skirts and dresses can work with tights and boots in cooler months. And how light airy tops under a few layers can be very appropriate when you step into a shopping centre or office where the heating is cranked up to glory.


Credit: Art Artelier Photography


It was wonderful to find a range of beautiful, versatile pieces from Reneira, the exclusive fashion label created by talented Canberra sisters Danielle and Taliya Blom. Their bold clothing offers a contemporary take on classic styles and is designed for trendsetting women. The most recent collection Lady in Lace really hits the mark – striking prints paired with classic lace pieces make this collection edgy, sophisticated and feminine. The designs are chic all-rounders which could be worn from an office meeting to a night out, whatever the season.


Credit: Art Artelier Photography


Danielle and Taliya’s designer prowess was acknowledged recently when they won the ACT RAWard for Fashion Designer of the Year 2014. RAW is an independent indie arts organisation that supports and promotes artists across the globe, with a great network in the Canberra community. RAW supports a diverse range of artistic genres including independent film, music, visual art, performing art, hair and make up, and of course, fashion. Every year, the RAWards celebrate the best of the best in each category, with one winner from each city chosen by community votes.

I caught up with Danielle and Taliya about their success, inspiration and plans for 2015:

How did it feel to win the RAWard for ACT Fashion Designer of the Year 2014?

We were thrilled when we found out that we had won the RAWard, especially with all the amazing talent that Canberra has to offer. We were honoured that people had voted for us and that the judges appreciated our design aesthetic. Winning the RAWard provided us with validation and recognition for all our hard work.

I’ve read that your label name Reneira is in homage to your grandmother – have you always had a passion for fashion?

Yes, our grandmother is an amazing seamstress who taught us how to sew from a young age. She used to help us sew clothes for our teddy bears – we made sure that we always had input in the designs, and we would even hold a runway show at the end!


Credit: Art Artelier Photography


What goes through your minds when you’re working on something new? Where do you look for inspiration?

We tend to find inspiration in anything and everything. Sometimes a particular fabric catches our eye, or we will come across something in our day-to-day lives that inspires us.  Taliya tends to have spontaneous bursts of creativity or a vision for a garment will just come to her. Ideas then bounce back and forth until we decide on a look that we both feel represents our brand. Usually from one idea we are able to come up with an influx of designs that we then filter and refine.

What are some of the trends that you’re most excited about for the autumn/winter season? Do you have any pieces or styles you would recommend?

We really like this season’s longline jackets and skirts, and it’s exciting to see that cowl neck knits are making a comeback. There is a lot more femininity and sophistication in these styles.

What’s on the horizon for your brand for 2015? Any bucketlist items that you’re hoping to tick off?

We plan to keep designing together and coming up with unique designs that will set us apart from other brands. We are also really looking forward to showcasing our collection at the Hustle and Scout Twilight Market this year. Our dream would be to come up with an idea so innovative that it makes a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

You can shop Danielle and Taliya’s gorgeous designs on the Reneira website, as well as stay in the know about Reneira’s latest projects on Facebook.

Images courtesy of Art Artelier Photography

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