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Corner of the World: Nathan Harradine-Hale

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There is a voyeur in all of us. Come inside the private spaces and places of some of Canberra’s most interesting people.

Nathan Harradine-Hale, @collectionsfromhim, influencer, content creator, photographer, part-time broadcaster.

His name is actually Nathan Harradine-Hale, but if you listen to FM radio, or peruse Instagram, Nathanxgaga is the tag you’ll recognize for this creative chap, and now he has a new tag @collectionsfromhim.

With an ear for a beat, an eye for a perfect capture, and an ambition to create compelling online content, Nathan is slowly but surely making a name for himself in Canberra – next stop, the world.

The 22-year-old is proudly born and bred in Canberra.

Supporting himself after finishing college with a gig in an ice-cream parlour, Nathan was asked three years ago to fill in a two-week administrative role at Koomarri and was promoted into a permanent position in HR. This is where he expends his day-time energy before moving onto his photographic, content creation, influencing and radio work where he does live broadcasts and about-town reports for both FM 104.7 and Mix 106.3.

Nathan recently helped establish a wedding photography agency “Forever Lasting Films” with his friend Rachel.

And he is often on the road to and from Sydney where the allure of a new band is often too much to resist.

“I often go up for concerts, I love finishing work and jumping in the car and going to a gig, to then come back the next morning for work. As crazy as it sounds, I love doing it!”

But when he gets back, it is into the family fold he goes. Still living at home with his mum and dad in Bonner, Nathan describes his surroundings as a safe and warm haven.

“Home feels like family and love, home-cooked baked meals and our Sunday dinner routines. Home is also for me, the smell of candles burning and incense in my room, as it seeps through the house.”

He is particular about his surroundings, describing his room as “minimalistic-male-trying-to-be-white-girl-but-is-also-just-another-gay-boy chic. I love a fresh clean room, with nice new sheets and a doona cover. I also love coming home from a busy day and turning on my diffuser, lighting my candles and burning my incense.”

His parents have been hugely influential in his life and support his moves into the creative sphere.

“My mum Lynda had a light-bulb-life-moment and changed her diet and mindset to lose almost 90 kilos over 18 months, and has kept it off for the last five years. Words don’t describe how incredibly proud I am of her and the amazing lengths she went to for her whole life to change.”

Dad Garry, meanwhile, is a “working-class Australian and builds roads a part of a contractor business. He gets up at the crack of dawn, makes his lunch and rides his CBR 1000 motorbike to one of several sites around town… And eventually comes home in the late afternoon.”

Nathan loves that both parents have been hard- working citizens for the Canberra community while raising him and his older sister Chloe.

Living at home has both pros and cons. He accepts that in exchange for his privacy and independence, he receives lovingly cooked meals (by dad) and freshly washed laundry (from mum). It gives him more time and space to focus on the creative.

As new blog grows, Nathan is increasingly receiving work from businesses to work his magic allure on their brands.

“There is so much untapped potential in Canberra and it’s really exciting to be a part of it. A dream would be to develop my skills as a powerful influencer, and be able to travel the world and create content for businesses in un-tapped parts of the world.”

This would clearly mean leaving home and all of its comforts. But already Nathan is focused on the next dream.

He surfs Instagram and Pinterest to manifest his future living space in Sydney, Melbourne or beyond.

“I can picture my dream home having a terrible mix of industrial and luxe and nature and I’m completely okay with that. Lots of greenery both internally and externally, a lot of clean walls and artwork as well… The warehouse would, of course, have to be inner-city and close to the beach as well. I am not asking for much. Am I?”.

Photography: Thorson Photography

This article originally appeared as part of our Corner of the World editorial in Magazine: Home for Autumn 2018, available for free while stocks last. Find out more about Magazine here

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