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Get the look: Bohemian Chic

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Bohemian Chic is a laid back easygoing design style which focuses on the use of unconventional arrangements to create whimsical settings that are stylish, eye-catching and somewhat offbeat.

Interior designer, Rachel Marsh, has trawled Canberra Outlet Centre and Designcraft to show you how to get the look, whether your budget is super cheap or super chic.


1 – Emmet Occasional Chair

This cute occasional chair would look great on its own, or in a set of two anchoring one side of the rug. The washed out colour and stitched detailing add a subtle touch to the look.

The Bottom Line: $449.00 (W: 830 x D: 850 x H:800)  from Early Settler Recollections, Canberra Outlet Centre.

2 – Aztec Summer Rug

This rug is stunning. The colour, texture and pattern link the overall scheme together. A bonus about purchasing this particular rug through Design Craft is that if the stock colours don’t suit your current colour palette, you can customise the design to suit your chosen colours. Please note that all custom colour orders need to be quoted.

The Bottom Line: $1,049.00 – $1,390.00 (Stock sizes W:160 x H:230 and W:190 x H:280)  from Designcraft.

3 – Cosmo Brass Deco Ball

When decorating a room it often is the little details that make it complete. The finish on this deco ball ties in with the brass detail on the pendant, tying the concept throughout. You could have pile of these in a platter on your dining table, or a large one propping up a book on a sideboard.

The Bottom Line:  $6.95 – 12.95 each (Available in 3 different sizes) from Freedom, Canberra Outlet Centre.

4 – Argia Glass Pendant

While it’s quite popular to suspend pendant lights either side of your bed, why not do something like that in your living room? This gorgeous glass pendant with brass detailing would look amazing suspended over your new Salu side table. Please note, I would only do this on one side of the sofa, so it doesn’t look too bedroom-y.

The Bottom Line: $59.00 (H:305 x D:305) from Early Settler Recollections, Canberra Outlet Centre.

5 – Mediterranean Wall Panel

These panels look great on their own, or in sets of two or three, depending on the amount of wall space you have. If the width of the wall is sparse but you have sufficient height, why not stack them vertically? I think it would look pretty fab!

The Bottom Line: $149.00 (D: 89) from Freedom, Canberra Outlet Centre.

6 – Specimen Bottle

This cute little bottle adds a pop of colour, while linking back to the colour in the rug – Genius! Sit this on a stack of books on your coffee table to add a little more interest.

The Bottom Line: $14.95 (D:10 x H:20) from Freedom, Canberra Outlet Centre.

7 – Salu Side Table

Each side table is handcrafted from Mango Wood, adding a textural element to the space which will be unique for each different table. I picture this sitting comfortably next to the Atlas sofa.

The Bottom Line: $299.00 (D:430 x H:410) from Early Settler Recollections, Canberra Outlet Centre.

8 – Atlas Sofa

I always tend to gravitate towards fabric sofas, as I feel they add texture and warmth to a space. So for me to recommend a leather sofa, you know it must be good! This four seater sofa immediately had my attention. Low to the ground, wide in the seat – basically begging you to recline and take an afternoon nap in the sun. The distressed leather and patchwork detail tie in perfectly with this month’s Bohemian theme.

The Bottom Line: $2,999.00 (W:254 x D:103  x H:68 ) from Freedom, Canberra Outlet Centre.

9 – Faux Finger Cactus

I’m obsessed with Cacti at the moment. This beautiful faux cactus could sit on the end of a sideboard to add some interest, or even on the floor next to your sofa to give your space a more relaxed feel. In my opinion this is a must have item. The best thing about it is that you can’t kill it. Winning! Freedom Furniture.

The Bottom Line: $89.99 ( D:28 x H: 91 ) from Freedom, Canberra Outlet Centre.

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