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Glamourise your New Year’s Eve makeup

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New Year’s Eve and time to add that touch of glamour to your makeup!

It’s hard to imagine that tonight we’ll be ringing in yet another new year, 2015 to be exact! If you’re like me, New Year’s Eve is all about looking glamorous for that special night out with friends or loved ones.

Some people indulge in hiring a makeup artist and booking into a makeup counter for a treat to help make the night a little more glamorous. If you’d rather do your makeup yourself, I have the looks to make you the stunner in the room this New Years Eve.

Glowing Skin

bronzerAt the moment makeup is all about glowing skin, in particular the high points of the face. Think top of the cheeks, brow bone and even the cupids bow. That glow also comes through in photos and can make you look stunningly flawless.

To get a beautiful glow you need to invest in a really amazing illuminator. Don’t worry, this isn’t the kind of product you’ll just use once, there are lots of different uses for illuminator!

I highly recommend MAC Soft & Gentle, MAC Strobe Cream, Stila One Step Illuminate, Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer, Australis Highlights or Benefit High Beam. I’ve used every single one of these products and they’ll do the job beautifully!

So the trick for liquid illuminators is to apply them after you’ve applied your liquid foundation but before you set with powder, this stops it from creating a gluggy mess. Apply generous amount to the cheekbones using your forefinger to pat into the skin, apply to your brow bone and your cupids bow.

If you’re using a powdery illuminator then it’s best applied with a kabuki brush. Don’t be stingy! Load up that brush with heaps of product and swipe it backwards and forwards over the cheekbones.

Bam – instant glow!

Bold Lips

If you’re not comfortable with doing eye makeup then keep it natural and opt for a bold lip instead. Red is a popular choice for New Years Eve, the trick is finding a lippie that will last you with minimal touch ups.


My top products for long lasting lipstick is Australis Velour Lips and Lime Crime Velvetines. Both have a great range of colours to find the perfect shade of red for you.

Now you also want to invest in a lip pencil, this is what you’ll use to create a crisp lip line making your bold lip perfect. Then apply your lipstick over the top.

Contoured Cheeks

Contouring is a big trend and a great technique to do when indulging in a night on the town, especially because of the low lighting in most restaurants and night spots.

The art of contouring is all about creating shadow on the face to help define what you already have. The important thing to remember here is shadow, therefore when using a product to contour the colour needs to mimic that of a shadow.

A lot of people would suggest using bronzer, however most bronzers have an orange undertone, not really the colour of a shadow. You need to look at bronzers or contour powders that have a dark, greyish look to them – like shadow!

Then using an angled brush you apply it to the hollow of your cheek and blend, blend, BLEND!

Invest your time with a Makeup Artist

If you’re not confident with makeup, but would like to look a million bucks for New Years Eve, hire a makeup artist! You may think I’m biased saying this but they are worth the money!

Not only will you feel beautiful, your makeup will last all night and you’ll have some great photos of yourself to enjoy.

Just google, Canberra Makeup Artist to get a list of people you can contact. Check out their galleries, qualifications and years in the business before deciding on the makeup artist for you!

Or if it’s too last minute and you can’t find anyone pop on in to a makeup counter at retailers such as David Jones, Napoleon or Myer at the Canberra Centre or Westfield Belconnen to have your makeup done professionally. Happy New Year, everyone!

Feature image of woman with bronze eye makeup courtesy of Shutterstock.

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