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Home Stories: Bec Cuzzillo

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Candles, interior design, spirituality and life coaching.

Not exactly the mix I was expecting in a 30-min lazy Sunday conversation with Bec at her apartment in Wright, but it all came together seamlessly.

I found Bec via her Instagram account Inexplicable Wanderlust. Even though her posts didn’t show much of her home, I really liked her aesthetic and wondered what her home would be like. A few messages later explaining I was a ‘big shot’ writer for HerCanberra, and Bec invited Cass and I over. I can’t believe that lie worked, really. I wonder if I can get good restaurant tables, cut queues and get shop discounts by saying the same thing. Maybe, but I better not or I’ll be called into the office first thing Monday and this will be the last piece you read.

Bec bought her apartment with her husband three years ago. When she welcomed us into their cosy abode, I could sense a mixture of order, homely style and a creative flair. I launched in with the type of tough question a big shot would ask; “So, how did your Instagram popularity come about?”

Bec explained that it all started with her blog, which she wrote from the point of view of a tourist in her home town. She then switched her focus to documenting her musings as a life coach, where she helps people to make the most of their lives. Bec also started to produce candles in alignment with her coaching process, working with a close friend to create packaging and cover art.

Even though I only asked the first tough question to see if I could steal whatever formula she used to get more followers on Instagram, I found her professional story really fascinating. It has a strong spiritual narrative running through it and when I probed further, I discovered Bec was also an advocate for youth rights and—somewhere between all that—studied interior design at CIT. And that’s when it all came together for me…no wonder this quaint apartment had so much soul!

From the mid-century unique sis-legged buffet to the colourful art on the walls, the home was united by elements imbued with story and with true ownership of their space. Just as Bec helps people realise their potential or fosters an emotional response with her candles, she has managed to make the most of her home pieces to tell a story.

Since her other projects have taken off, Bec hasn’t had the chance to apply her interior design skills in a professional sense. In her own words, “if you’d have told me five years ago that I would be a life coach, I would have asked how many drinks you’ve had!”

Even though she never got to design a house for a client or an office fitout, the degree wasn’t a waste of time as it further expanded Bec’s understanding of relationships. Whether it’s the relationship of our mind to our body, or the relationship between us and our surroundings, they all have a huge impact on our lives.

Now don’t worry, I’m not about to give you advice about seeking spiritual enlightenment by aligning your pots and pans perfectly (after all, I’m way too busy being a big shot writer). However, I will tell you to see your home as a sanctuary. No matter how big, or small, perfect or imperfect, it is yours—and changing it as you move through your life is half the fun.

The other half is sitting on your favourite couch and following @feraude on Instagram to grow his follower numbers.










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Photography by Cass Atkinson.

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