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Home Stories: Nick Rigby 

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I’m not really sure when I first I met Nick Rigby.

Maybe I can’t remember because it was so long ago, or because it was at some club after a gig and things can get hazy then. Then again, maybe it’s because he is the kind of guy you feel like you’ve known for ages after the first hello.

Whichever it was, in November Nick was friendly enough to be the first person ever to say, “Hey Ash, I really like those Home Stories you do – when are you going to do my place?”

Knowing Nick’s taste in music gear and classic cars, I quickly jumped at the invitation. The reason it’s taken this long is because Nick is a busy man. If you haven’t seen him strumming and singing at your local pub then it means you’ve never stepped into one.

Nick’s been playing so long that I once had a full conversation with him while he was playing a gig about recording a single together without him missing a beat. Oh, and we did record that single, it’s called Driving All Night under my Magnifik alias. That song made him really famous and really rich. So rich that he was able to purchase a lovely home in Griffith.

Well, that’s not completely true. The song exists, but it didn’t make either of us rich. In fact, Nick purchased the home from his family after the passing of his grandparents, who built the house in 1959. It seemed a shame to lose the family home, but now it will be kept for further generations of the family to enjoy. For a full year, he lived out of one tiny room, while the rest of the house was guttered and renovated around him.

He tried to take on a lot of it himself but eventually sought the help of Paul Tilse and Vanessa Hawes of Paul Tilse Architects. And for good reason. The home that he now shares with partner Jacqui has that perfect balance of classic and modern design, keeping just enough of the original components to remind you where you are and what it used to be.

Nick, forever young at heart, is serious about his collecting and has acquired many limited edition pieces of pop culture memorabilia. The slightly older at heart Nick also likes collecting, but prefers guitars. As his tools of the trade, once they become unusable due to wear and tear, they get inducted into Mr Rigby’s Hall of Musical Instruments, i.e. his spare room.

I’ll let Cass’ superb photos do the talking as to the look and feel of the house, but you’ll notice that the living space is open and airy, with the kitchen placed so it connects to the back deck via a set of foldable windows. There are lots of sunken shelves, little nooks and spaces that allow for storage or display without clutter. Speaking of displays, did you spot the Star Wars Millennium Falcon under the coffee table?











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Photography: Cass Atkinson

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