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Let’s get brow-ducated

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Eyebrows are serious business – the right shape, colour, volume … it’s like a complicated minefield to navigate.

I have been going through a brow transformation for almost a year because I didn’t like that mine were just too thin. I had a serious problem with strays – hating the sight of them and as a result took to them with tweezers like you take to a tree with a chainsaw.

It was not a good result and I decided I needed to get some help. Enter the babes from BrowLab in Braddon. They understood my pain and my predicament and talked me through my problem. It was a brow therapy session and I am better for it.

I was put on a program to get my brows back to their natural shape because that’s what it’s all about, according to Brow Lab owners Tegan and Sianne.

“Brows are a thing that should never be dictated by fads,” Sianne says. “A soft natural brow that is still clean with defined lines will always flatter your face.”

The key is understanding you might not get brows like the oh-so-beautiful Cara Delevingne because we’re all different. We also shouldn’t expect miracles because beautiful brows take time.

“Brows are the slowest growing hairs on our body and it takes perseverance to make it to the end,” according to Tegan. “Leave it to the professionals every four to eight weeks depending on your genetics and lifestyle so that all your hairs can sync into the same cycle and no tweezing in between.

“This will result in a far softer, more flattering shape and mean far less maintenance for you.”

Sianne puts it another way.

“It always amazes me how much consumers spend on cosmetics or cosmetic enhancements but don’t invest the time or money into their brows,” she says. “The perfect natural brow structure is the simplest and most cost-effective way to enhance your facial features.”

Now between appointments, there are ways to handle the growth and those strays. If I can avoid plucking, anyone can.

“There is definitely a brow product out there for every person, depending on your brows, lifestyle and lazy lady level,” Sianne says. “A pencil, powder or pomade will offer a more defined brow and give you that extra little fill, especially for the more sparse or growing brow.

“A gel is great for those fuller brows that just need a little lift or hold.”

Now if you think you need an encyclopaedia to follow all that, fear not. I’ve got you covered.

I recommend picking a pencil with a slanted tip for more precise application. If it has a soft consistency, it’ll be easier to blend. Powder offers a soft and natural look while a pomade has a creamy consistency and is for the more experienced. Use a really small amount of this stuff and blend with an angled brush.

Here are some of the best products out there right now, an explanation of what they are and the benefits of each.

Bobbi Brown’s dual ended brow definer and groomer brush is an angled brush for product application. The spool brush keeps the hairs in place.


Poni pomade is a creamy formula that is perfect for definition. Poni also does a brow magic pencil which comes highly recommended by BrowLab. It’s great for filling in gaps thanks to the 1.5mm fine tip. It comes in a universal shade.unknown-1

Maybelline’s brow drama sculpting mascara has a sculpting ball brush to shape and coat the hairs. It’s a tinted gel that also thickens.


L’Oreal brow artist plumper is a volumising gel with a matte finish. This is what I use before filling in my brows with a pencil.


MAC brow finisher wax style grooming tool shapes and holds and isn’t sticky. I love the slanted tip.


For something a little different, Rimmel has a Brow This Way highlighter pencil that accentuates the brow bone and illuminates the eye area. You can get it in matte or shimmer.


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One Response to Let’s get brow-ducated

Ms Jennifer says: 4 October, 2016 at 1:19 pm

I have terribly thin brows and have never over plucked or rarely even pluck them. I have found some great products like the hourglass arch brow scupting pencil – it has the brush on the end) and the Kevyn Aucoin precision brow pencil. They make a huge difference to my sparse brows, framing my face and my confidence!
Thank you for your article, I might try some of the other brow products.

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