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10 reasons you’ll love MUJI

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Beloved Japanese superstore MUJI has been unveiled at Canberra Centre.

But if that means absolutely nothing to you, then let us open your eyes to the treasures that await.

Focused on organisation and simplicity, MUJI was founded in 1980 in Japan, and aims to provide low-cost, versatile offerings that echo a consistent minimalist style.

With more than 800 MUJI stores across the world, the brand has developed a cult following as a one-stop shop for everything from skincare to clothing, footwear to stationery, household furniture and more.

In celebration of our very own Canberra store, here are 10 of our favourite MUJI products.


MUJI’s notebooks—and their entire stationery section, for that matter—are beloved by people of all ages and professions. With clean, simple covers they’re available in grid, ruled or blank formats as well as in a huge variety of sizes.


MUJI also stocks a curated range of pared-back clothing with a focus on natural fibres. Silhouettes are timeless and the palette muted and classic. Our CEO Amanda picked up a boat-neck linen sweater four years ago in Singapore and it’s still a wardrobe staple.

The Canberra store will have ranges for women, children and men and we have our eye on this chic and timeless trench coat featuring water repellent material.


There isn’t any slick marketing around MUJI’s beauty products, but some swear by them, especially their Cleansing Oil. Perfect for removing stubborn waterproof makeup, it also doubles as a great shaving balm.

Like the sound of it? MUJI has a wide range of skincare products, including a much-loved sensitive range that features toning water, essences, cleansers and more.

MAKEUP BOX + TRAY from $2.50

MUJI is well known for its range of organisational products, which will help you sort every space in your life, from your office desk to bathroom cupboard. But my personal favourite are these unassuming stacking makeup boxes (from $2.50 each).

They’re incredibly budget friendly and you can build them as high as you like—I chose to top mine with a tray ($2.50).

They’re subtly opaque, but clear enough to remind yourself what’s within each layer.


Obsessed with face masks? Create your own with these compressed cotton sheets.

Simply pop into a clean bowl and add enough essence or serum to make it expand. You won’t waste any product and you’ll be able to create your very own mask using products you know work for you.


I bought an aroma diffuser on a whim last year and haven’t stopped using it since. Something I thought was sure to be an impulse buy turned into a soothing nightly ritual and something I’m glad I invested in. As always, MUJI’s signature minimalism makes these sleek diffusers (they come in two shapes) easy to place in any room.

Pair with one of MUJI’s signature essential oil blends like Japanese Cypress, Relax Time or Sleeping. If you’re just wanting to dip a toe in into their fragrance range, you can buy a pack of scented tealights.


Yes, it looks a little different from toothbrush holders you might have seen before, but this little porcelain donut is something of a cult favourite for MUJI devotees. And why not? It’s cute, understated and comes in a range of colours. You can even buy a matching MUJI toothbrush.


Taking you from office to occasion, this soft, light and versatile cashmere stole can be used as a wrap or scarf and comes in a range of delicate colours like baby pink, light grey and smoky blue. What’s more, on MUJI Canberra’s opening day (Wednesday 1 August), they will be 50% off. Run, don’t walk.


MUJI’s stationery range boasts an impressive range of pens and markers in many forms, but one that never disappoints is this humble black gel pen. Long lasting and with a superfine tip, it’s affordable and dependable.


An essential MUJI item, their signature Right Angle Socks are designed to provide as comfortable a fit as possible for your, well, right-angled feet. They’re shaped to fit every angle and contour with special heels, tops that won’t budge and “perfectly elasticated” cuffs. What more could you want?

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What: MUJI Canberra
Where: Level One, Canberra Centre
Website: muji.com/au

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