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Waxing Vs Sugaring? And where to try this new hair removal technique in Canberra…

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Have you seen the term sugaring listed on beauty services and thought – what the?

You’re not the only one! Until recently I had no idea what sugaring was, so I thought I’d do a bit of research and share what I found with those who may be thinking the same thing.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is very similar to waxing; however it uses very different products. Proper sugaring is made up of all natural food grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water and sometimes essential oils. It’s all mixed together to create a paste similar to what’s used when waxing.

Does it hurt just as much as waxing?

I know a few people who get sugaring done and I’ve been told it’s a hell of a lot less painful than waxing. To start with sugaring is not hot, it’s water soluble and it doesn’t attach itself to live skin cells, just the dead ones!

It’s also applied with the direction of the growth and removed with the same direction the hair grows – which essentially means it puts a lot less strain on the skin, which in turn means less pain.

Can you do it.. anywhere?

If by anywhere you mean your.. ah.. cha cha.. then yes! I’ve been told it makes those bikini and Brazilian waxes a lot more bearable!

Personally I’m sold and will be giving it a go at my next wax appointment!

Five places to try sugaring in Canberra

These salons have sugaring on their menu – but do check with the individual salon for details on whether they use the traditional method or just the sugar solution with the usual waxing technique.

Erica’s Aesthetics – Kingston

A 45 Jardine St, Kingston, 2604
P 6162 4199

Raediant Beauty

A Lyneham
0433 503 128

Be.You.Tiful Therapy – Fyshwick

A 2/107 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick, 2615
P 0431 336 342

Essence Salon & Spa – Woden

A 4 Irving Street, Woden
P 02 6162 1600

A Monash
P 0414 596 123

Have you tried sugaring? What are your thoughts?

Image of sugaring from shutterstock.com

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