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Canberra with kids under $10: Part III

Renee Bogatko


However, sometimes family activities can really add up with the cost of tickets, food on the go, entry fees and parking meaning some places are out of reach for families.

Sometimes budget considerations really impact on your choice of family fun, so we decided to round up some wallet friendly options for play time that will have your little ones (and you) jumping with cost-effective joy.

If you missed Part One catch up here and Part Two here.

Queanbeyan Playground

CBRwithkidsunder10_QBN playground

I know some parents don’t like travelling far for kids activities, and I get that, but this one is worth adding on those extra km’s for! Queanbeyan Playground located in Lowe Street is a step up from your average playground. My daughter Claire loved it, and really didn’t want to leave! So make sure you allow a good block of time for your littlies to explore the range of fun equipment there.

Queanbeyan Playground has a senior and junior section, so the littlies don’t get bulldozed by the bigger kids, and so each child can play with equipment suited to their age and ability. There’s two single swings, a double swing, AND a wheelchair swing. This is great, because it helps avoid those inevitable arguments over whose turn it is! But what impressed me the most wasn’t just the range of equipment, but how tidy and well maintained it is!

CBRwithkidsunder10_qbn playground2

I don’t like going to a park which is surrounded by rubbish or super long grass. I was also impressed by the surroundings, as the playground is right next to the beautifully manicured Queanbeyan Park. The playground area itself is spacious with beautiful big trees providing natural shade. There’s also picnic tables, toilets, and chairs for the parents to rest and watch from. Most of the equipment is based on grassed areas or soft fall surfaces AND the playground is fenced, so those little escape artists won’t have a chance of doing a runner!  

Claire and I wrapped up our time there with a lovely picnic in the sunshine in the park area next to the playground. There’s so much greenery around, we could’ve stayed there and admired it all afternoon.

So add Queanbeyan Playground to your to do list, the kids will have a ball! 

Queanbeyan Playground | 1 Lowe Street Queanbeyan |

Story Time/Giggle and Wiggle


My daughter loves singing, dancing, and books, like most kids! For those in the same boat, these next activities are sure to be a hit with your littlies! ACT Libraries run 30 minute Giggle & Wiggle sessions at several libraries around Canberra, including Gungahlin, Dickson, Tuggeranong, Belconnen, Erindale, Woden and Kippax. They start at 10:30am, during school terms.

Giggle & Wiggle’s about learning through language play, with a range of songs, interactive rhymes, and stories specifically chosen for children ages 0-2, and their parents. Though my daughter is 3, and she still likes going! The littlies learn about alphabet recognition, shapes, colours, numbers, and how to move to the music! There’s quite a bit of repetition used, which helps the young ones participate and learn. It’s quite cute seeing how much they get into it, babies and toddlers! And even some of the parents too!


ACT Libraries also run 30 minute Story Time sessions at the same locations, but on different days, so they don’t conflict with Giggle & Wiggle. These sessions also kick off at 10:30am. The stories, rhymes and songs are targeted to kids a bit older, mainly 3-5 year olds. But younger and older kids can also participate! Story Time helps develop imagination, a love of books, a range of skills including reading, listening and language, and how to cooperate in a group. A lot of the books have quite a positive message, which is great for the kids. Once reading time is over, some libraries put on craft/drawing time, which my 3 year old looks forward to. 

Claire and I have enjoyed attending Giggle & Wiggle and Story Time with our mother’s group, or on our own. We love that there’s so many on offer at different locations, which makes it easy to fit the sessions into our busy routine. Not only is Giggle & Wiggle and Story Time educational and fun, it’s free! Yep – you don’t have to pay a cent. 

Giggle & Wiggle and Storytime at ACT Libraries | Various locations and times |

Superhero Dance Class and Tiny Tumblers

CBRwithkidsunder10_giggle and wiggle

Like so many toddlers, my 3 year old is a little groover. She loves to break it down when music comes on, and show off her moves! So this next activity was perfect for her, and me! Belconnen Community Centre runs a new Superhero Dance Class for children aged 3-5 on Thursdays from 10:45-11:30am.

Places are limited, so booking are essential. The class accommodates all experience levels, and is a fun way for the kids to enjoy the benefits of dance. Favourite characters and superheros are incorporated into dance movements, which the kids just love. They learn a range of fun dance moves, stretches, and the instructor throws in some gym play too. Superhero costumes aren’t essential, but it is adorable seeing the littlies dress up and play a character. My daughter’s already thinking about who she’s going to be for her next class!

I also benefit as a parent, as I have the option of joining in, or watching from the sidelines. I really enjoy watching Claire participate, because I get to see how the classes help boost her independence, widen her imagination, and teach her how to take instruction from others.


You can buy a 10 class pass for $100, working out to be $10 per lesson. Or you can pay $12 for a casual visit. And what’s great about this is you’re not charged if you miss a class. You just use your pass each time you attend. So many dance classes these days are quite exy, so I find this one to be great value for money. Not only that, the 10 class pass can be used for the Centre’s Tiny Tumblers program as well.

Tiny Tumblers is an educational gym play program for children aged 2-4. The class allows the littlies to challenge themselves and explore their abilities in a safe and fun environment. They also help boost confidence and coordination. The cost is the same as the Superhero Dance Class; you can buy a 10 class pass for $100, or pay $12 for a casual visit. They run a number of public sessions each week in the morning. To find out more about days/times and what might suit you, give Belconnen Community Centre a buzz on 6264 0200.  

So if you want your child to participate in a fun and interesting activity where they learn new skills, have a ball, and make new friends, be sure to try the Superhero Dance Class or Tiny Tumblers at Belconnen Community Centre. 

Superhero Dance Class and Tiny Tumblers | Belconnen Community Centre, 26 Chandler Street, Belconnen | Various times | or 6264 0200


Renee Bogatko

Renee is a Canberra girl born and raised and mum to a beautiful three year old girl, Claire. She studied Journalism at the University of Canberra, and has been working in print, TV and radio for the past eight years. She loves being a stay-at-home mum to her little girl but when she's not out and about with Claire, she's either reading the news at Canberra FM, cruising the streets in Black Thunder, taking a dance class, going to the gym, hanging out with friends or family or keeping on top of house duties. She also loves cooking, trying new restaurants, playing netball, and adult colouring in! More about the Author