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Denman Village: not your average local

Laura Peppas

 Cutting edge design, an emphasis on public art and sweeping views aren’t traditionally what come to mind when you think of your average “suburban shops.”

But it’s safe to say the Denman Village Shops won’t be your average local.

With high calibre tenants and views across Craven’s Creek Reserve and the National Arboretum, constructors Capital Airport Group are aiming to inject a sense of community into the Molonglo Valley area with the “unique” shops.

“We’re setting a new standard for suburban shops,” Director Project Delivery Nick McDonald-Crowley says.

“This is a really unique opportunity, because the whole suburb is being master planned by the developer, so there is a benefit in that a whole suburb will fund a significant local centre. I can’t think of another example where the shopping centre is actually integrated into the suburb.”


Up to 15 speciality shops are currently due for completion by the end of next year, including a 1,000m2 supermarket, cafés, medical precinct and a gym. There will also be a barbecue and picnic space adjacent from the shopping centre.

Along with the shops, the development will include 16 two and four-bedroom terraces above the retail space, with views overlooking Craven’s Creek Reserve. The terraces are due to hit the market this weekend.


Equal parts residential, shopping and leisure, Nick expects the Denman Village Shops to not just be a place to pop in on the way home and grab the milk, but while away a leisurely weekend with the family.

“We are really looking to create something special for the people that live there, and so the residents will have immediate benefit from amenity.”

“The contemporary design of the shops will reflect Denman Prospect’s natural surroundings, with earthy tones and timber features, while double-height ceilings will provide a sense of space and an abundance of natural light.

“This will be unlike anything seen in the Canberra region.”


While they are still in negotiations with tenants, Nick says they are “very much focused on quality.”

“Our main focus at the moment is the supermarket operator, we really want something very high quality there,” he says.

“We have a couple of gyms we’re talking to, and a lot of coffee shops and drink establishments – places similar to Casey Jones in Casey with a club/restaurant atmosphere.”


Nick says residents of the Molonglo Valley have been “screaming out” for a local shopping centre.

“Most of them are currently having to drive to Weston Creek or elsewhere, and we really listened to the residents when designing the shops,” he says.

“The shops will be walking distance for the residents, which is really unique given that Canberra is so often a city where everyone has to drive everywhere.”

There’s also a chance for locals to get involved in the design of the shops: Capital Airport Group are currently running a competition with sculpture students from the Australian National University for the design of a sculpture to be the focal point of the shops.

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Laura Peppas

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