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Roadtest: Fudie

Laura Peppas

In the first part of a five-part series, we roadtest home-delivered cook or heat at home meals, and give you the lowdown.

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who love cooking, and those who don’t.

The people who love cooking insist that once they get home from work, all the weight of the day lifts off their shoulders as they concentrate on the task at hand, and that beautiful scent of whatever is cooking wafts throughout the house.

Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category.

My weekday cooking often resembles the scene of a crime, with a trail of evidence – pots, pans, cans, and a bit of tomato sauce thrown in for good measure.

On the weekend it’s a different story (because, time) but weekday cooking always feels like a rushed blur.

When it was pitched to me that I could try Canberra meal delivery business Fudie for a week, the timing couldn’t have been more serendipitous – it was coming off a particularly busy week with what would be overlong meetings, evening events and social catch-ups.

Chicken 55

The Menu

To start with, I chatted with Fudie’s lovely founder Katie Geus, who asked a few questions to suss out what dishes would suit my husband and I best.

To summarise, we have quite a high-protein diet, with lots of fish, chicken and some red meat – but I’m very passionate about my love of carbs, so like to have plenty of rice, noodles or potatoes to top off my meals.

Katie decided the Autumn menu would work best for us, with dishes including beef fillet, sweet potato and green vegetables, chile con carne, tandoori chicken with seasonal vegetables, Vietnamese chicken salad, Moroccan chicken with quinoa, spinach and currents, pulled chipotle pork and prawn salad – all enough for a week’s worth of lunch and dinner.

The Meals

All meals arrived on a Monday neatly packaged with expiry dates listed (usually lasting about five days), and we were told to eat the red meats and fish first to retain their flavour.

Chicken 32

We were also pleased to find two cold pressed juices from ‘The Fix’ and muesli with yoghurt inside the box – perfect for breakfast!

Fudie’s ethos is that all their meals are prepared fresh with Australian farmed whole food, unprocessed produce and no gluten, preservatives or added sugar. Meals arrive fresh, not frozen.

My favourite dish? I devoured the fish with green curry sauce, broccoli and brown rice (so much so that I stole Pete’s share).

All dishes were much more filling than they looked, with plenty of flavour – no bland microwave dinners here. There was also an option to heat the meals on the stove for those who aren’t keen on using the microwave.

The verdict

Although it’s not necessarily a weight loss plan, Pete and I found that we lost a kilo or two in the process (probably because we were eating slightly smaller portions than usual, which is a good thing because we usually eat for a family of four – not the best idea).

Fudie 456

The biggest bonus for me was, when working late or running home from an afternoon session at the gym, knowing there was food waiting for us that took less than two minutes and was healthy (no need to call the trusty Thai takeaway down the road).

For lunch, it was a breeze to just grab something already made from the fridge and not have to worry about preparing anything the night before or morning of.

Another big thumbs up was skipping grocery shopping for the week and cleaning the dishes after dinner because let’s face it, it’s never a fun time. I found I had loads more spare time than usual, and my mood benefitted because of that – I was less stressed and had more energy.

The cost

Now for the cost – a five meal package of Fudie dishes starts from $59.75, while a ten meal package is $121.50 -which is less than we usually spend on groceries each week, and minus the pain.

Going forward, I would definitely consider Fudie for busy periods or times where we are trying to watch what we eat (there’s no contracts, so you can come and go as you please without worrying about getting locked into anything).

the essentials

What: Fudie
How much: Five meal packages start from $59.75

The author road-tested Fudie for free, however all opinions are their own. 


Laura Peppas

Laura Peppas is HerCanberra's senior journalist and communications manager and is the Editor of Unveiled, HerCanberra's wedding magazine. She is enjoying uncovering all that Canberra has to offer, meeting some intriguing locals and working with a pretty awesome bunch of women. Laura has lived in Canberra for most of her life and when she's not writing fervently she enjoys pursuing her passion for travel, reading, online shopping and chai tea. More about the Author

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