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The sweetest thing: cocktails + dessert

HerCanberra Team

Forget pairing wine and cheese, we have stumbled across another coupling that has made the old sav blanc and camembert duo a thing of the past. Cocktails and desserts.

Or cocktails as dessert. Or dessert in your cocktails. Whichever way you decide to have it, it is going to make you wonder why you hadn’t had it earlier.

Cocktails are certainly making a delicious comeback. Spurred on by popular television shows like Sex in the City and Gossip Girl, it’s not just the well-known varieties that we’re seeing around Canberra. Cocktail bars are opening up all over town, providing the perfect perch for a catch up with the girls.

So, when we take the drink of all drinks and mix it with everyone’s favourite meal (dessert), you get something that sweetly satisfies. We sat down (and drank) withWhite Rabbit Cocktail Room‘s mixologist, and cocktail enthusiast, Stu, who talked us through their cocktails and matchy matchy partners.

Here are a few of our personal favourites – let them be your inspiration for combining cocktails and desserts (or just get into White Rabbit and try one!)

The Unicorn.

This little concoction is made up of vanilla syrup, hazelnut liquor and garnished with freshly grated hazelnut. If that alone doesn’t sound tempting, it also comes with a chocolate wafer drinking straw and a side of hazelnut praline. This cocktail is a dessert on it’s own, and definitely one for that chocolate lovers.

The Pocket Watch.

This drink’s main feature is blood orange marshmallow pillows, made from scratch by the chef. It mixes a range of citrus, Campari and sav blanc, but to be honest, we were sold at alcohol and marshmallows.

The Tea Party.

This one is for the tea lovers, whisky lovers, maple syrup lovers, and all round good-drink lovers. The odd mixture of all these intricate flavours is tied together with an orange twist and is perfect for the winter months because it’s served warm. Yep, warm. And to top it off, it comes with a butterscotch candy. Let the tea party begin!

The Lion.

This one is for those who have a ‘savoury tooth’. It’s served with baby cornichons (small pickles), which amplifies the flavour from the High West Double Rye camomile – a big burst of freshness, we’re not lion (sorry).

Actual dessert

For the times when a cocktail just isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings, White Rabbit also offers a range of house-made desserts. We recommend the almond poached pear tart with Sailor Jerry ice cream. This one is a little lighter, plus it’s pear so that’s fruit, right? Pair that with the choc-orange Walrus cocktail and you have yourself one killer duo.

Click + Connect – Mixing it up!

Want to opt into the new food and alcohol trend? Join us at our latest Click + Connect event at White Rabbit Cocktail Room for a night of mingling, eating and cocktail creating!

You’ll learn the tricks of the trade as you get behind the bar and create your very own ‘HerCanberra’ cocktail. You’ll then be able to sit back, enjoy your cocktail creation and mingle while enjoying some of White Rabbit’s sweet and savoury platters.

A great way to have a few laughs, meet new people and leave knowing how to create the perfect cocktail!


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