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Seven on-trend pieces of diet advice you should ignore this spring

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According to my current Facebook feed, if I’m not bikini ready by summer, then summer just isn’t worth it.

It’s this kind of pressure to look good half-naked next to a swimming pool, that makes even the most educated of us fall for the most ridiculous of diets and ‘on trend’ pieces of advice.

Here are seven trending diet recommendations that you should ‘flag as inappropriate’ on Facebook.

Drinking tea helps you lose weight

According to a recent article from a popular health magazine, the remnants of tea remain in your intestinal tract and feed good bacteria which can help promote a healthy weight. Just so you’re aware, the concentration of said particles in tea is so minuscule that any remnant that may be left, and it’s effect on bacteria, is completely negligible. Drink tea if you enjoy it but it’s not the miracle you’re looking for!

Evidenced based detoxes

An apparently qualified person on LinkedIn shared her new detox program last week. Her detox, was ‘evidenced-based’. The thing is, just because you say it’s evidence-based doesn’t mean it is. There were no studies in her article offering the evidence that detoxing was necessary. She also couldn’t articulate exactly what toxins were being removed by her detox and how her detox removed these toxins. For the record, when you drink smoothies – whether they’re called a detox smoothie or not – when it goes into the stomach, (like other foods do), it gets digested with acid and enzymes, broken down into smaller nutrients and absorbed into the blood stream. Exactly how does it detox you? You don’t know? Ok then. Move on.

Do a 14 day ‘thin tea’ detox

For the reasons listed above, this is not a good thing to do. You cannot undo inconsistent eating patterns and consuming more energy than your body needs by drinking a special tea. One entrepreneur made millions of dollars from selling us ‘skinny tea’; but qualified health professionals get accused of profiteering by asking their clients to come back for another session for more education and support. Trust me, we’re not making millions by doing that! We know that we can’t change a lifetime of poor eating habits in one hour and we genuinely want to help you.

Also, be aware that some of these teas have a laxative effect. Trust me, this is not a nice way to feel ‘thin’.

Crystal infused water

There isn’t anything special about the rocks in the drink bottle of the instagram nutritionist you follow. Just drink plain water regularly and build a habit of choosing that first over other drinks. That way you can stay hydrated and healthy without being a crazy person.

Try a keto cycling plan

A very popular fitness model has a new keto plan out. On this plan you follow the keto diet for a month. Then you start to reintroduce carbs. Then you cycle on and off the keto diet depending on your goals. They claim that this helps you break free of the ‘diet cycle’. So essentially, you’re on the diet, off the diet, on the diet, off the diet. Hmmmm… Sounds like a diet cycle to me. You’d be better off learning how to lose weight in the same way you intend on maintaining it. Unless you want to cycle on and off keto for the rest of your life.

You must cut out grains and dairy to be healthy

Paleo is definitely not ‘trending’ any more but cutting out these key food groups is still commonly touted as one of the best ways to lose weight and be healthy, especially among ‘clean eating’ circles. I’ve been eating grains and dairy my whole life and nothing bad has ever happened to me. And that’s because my weight and health isn’t dependent on individual foods, but is a result of my diet as a whole over the long term.

If you’re allergic to these foods, don’t eat them, but if you’re not they offer a great range of key nutrients into your diet. Should you build your whole diet out of grains and dairy? Definitely not, there are other foods you need to eat, but they are absolutely fine to include if you choose to.

Gut health is reliant on consuming fermented foods

False. You don’t need kefir, kombucha and others to have a healthy gut. The best way to boost your gut health is to consume a diet rich in whole, unprocessed plant foods: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. These foods feed your gut bacteria, create soft, bulky stools that are easy to pass and help you stay full and satisfied on lower energy. The evidence that fermented foods and the bacteria cultures in them survive the acidity of the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract is limited. They might help, they might not. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put my effort into consistently doing something that was proven to boost my gut health than focus on a small, trending diet fad that may or may not make a difference.

Buy a magnetic health ring that keeps you thin

I don’t even know what to say about this. Just that, wow, it cannot do what consistent healthy habits can do and that’s a fact.

Save your money and if you’re going to spend it, my advice would be to spend it on something thats going to help you eat well for the rest of your life.

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