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Calling all activewear addicts: Rockwear is expanding

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Get excited active girls, and make room in your activewear wardrobe! Rockwear is opening two new stores in Canberra.

For nearly 30 years, Rockwear has been serving the active women of Australia with their inclusive brand of functional and fashionable activewear—and you’re about to see a whole lot more of them, with two new stores opening right here in Canberra.

The Rockwear community in Canberra is set for a serious expansion this month, with a Tuggeranong store opening on Thursday 20 February marking Rockwear’s 50th store nationwide along with a Canberra Outlet Centre store a week later, on Thursday 27 February.

The two new stores will join the Westfield Woden store, which has already established itself as a favourite of active women on the southside.

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If you’re yet to join the #RockwearNation, now is the time. The products themselves are high-quality, designed to withstand your toughest workouts and built to last, but there’s much more to Rockwear than just workout gear.

Rockwear’s range.

The brand was created by a fitness instructor and has blossomed into a community of women harnessing their inner personal strength and living an active life on their own terms.

An Instagram search of #RockwearNation reveals nearly 6,000 images of women of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities moving in a way that makes them feel strong and powerful.

With a focus on self-improvement, fitness and strength, who better to represent the brand than Canberra coach, mentor and Ninja Warrior, Jenna Douros?

We caught up with Jenna to find out what she loves about the brand, and what’s in store for the two new store openings in Tuggeranong and Woden.

You must get approached by activewear brands all the time! What was it that made Rockwear really stand out for you?

There were a number of things—firstly their brand ethos: they have such great character, cater to all and add value (you really should check out their website, it’s not just all about activewear).

Secondly, they offer variety! There are loads of options for different styles of training and lifestyle.

Thirdly, how can you not be drawn to their endless seasonal ranges, bold colours and earthy tones, short shorts, crops and full-length tights and tees?

What are you looking forward to about the new store openings in Canberra?

Being a born and raised proud Canberran, I am always excited about the expansion of options that will help to complement Canberra’s booming active community!

Are there any particular Rockwear activewear pieces that you’re drawn to at the moment?

I am normally a sucker for bright colours and patterns but right now I’m absolutely digging the cooler tones and pieces with a touch of print. I am loving the combination of navy blues and white with that splash of camo print to match.

Rockwear’s range.

I am also a huge fan of zips, pockets and anything that adds not only a point of difference but functionality to the pieces—who doesn’t love an iPhone pocket and a sports bra zip? So right now, my number one range would have to be the Marine.

Second in line when I’m looking for that added glam, The Zen range is stunning.

Your workouts always look quite intense—what do you look for when you’re shopping for activewear? What are your go-to activewear items in your own wardrobe?

My activewear wardrobe is rather large, haha! I am hybrid in my training styles so the need for activewear options is vital. What I wear must match my training methodology and performance output and the intensity of my workout. Maximal comfort in what I’m wearing is essential in order to maximise my performance.

If I’m heading up a mountain, it needs to be durable, moveable and caters to the environment. Generally, I’ll choose loose-fitting shorts or full-length tights and a crop.

If I’m throwing down a metcon it needs to be sweat-wicking, supportive, breathable and flexible: booty shorts and crop are generally my in-gym go-to items.

Jenna competing in Ninja Warrior.

What are your favourite ways to work out currently?

Incorporating a wide variety of different training methodologies is my key for having overall balance and also keeps my training fun, interesting and outside the norm. Challenging my body, but more so my mind, on the daily is my non-negotiable.

I always try to be innovative in my approach to create new and exciting ways to challenge myself while having fun at the same time: insert my Daily Dose Of Discomfort (DDD) where my daily grind is all about becoming better. Where my aim is to put myself in the growth zone.

Rockwear’s range.

I’m always prescribing myself sessions that I know aren’t going to be a walk in the park, and purposely experiencing pain in different forms to harden the mind, one discomforting moment at a time.

My DDD helps to reframe what pain actually is at different levels and intensity to alter my reaction to it. Decreasing my pain threshold by forcing myself to suffer unnecessarily in the short term, then using it to reframe my perspective. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s what works for me and I am loving where it’s taking me.

Rockwear is a brand that’s all about encouraging women to harness their inner personal strength—is that a message that resonates with you? What makes you feel strong?

My ultimate aim is to help people find ways to challenge themselves daily to help boost their physical and mental health, confidence, well-being, self-worth, knowledge and values; to help alter people’s mindsets around fitness in general, helping people change their perception of what fitness actually is and eliminating the ‘chore’ aspect of it.

We want to be able to move for the longevity of life and we want you to view fitness as a choice you make for the way it makes you feel, for pure enjoyment, fulfilment and as a tool for bringing out the real you. Not as something we have to do to look a certain way or to fit in.

Win your own Rockwear!

Rockwear’s range.

We’ve teamed up with Rockwear to offer FIVE HerCanberra readers and their chosen Sweat Sister the chance to win a full Rockwear Outfit!

To enter, simply visit the Woden or Tuggeranong Rockwear stores, take a picture in store and post it to Instagram tagging @rockwearaustralia.

Competition opens February 20 2020 and ends on March 23 2020

Winner will be notified by Instagram on March 24 2020.

#RockwearACT #Rockwear50 #RockwearNation

This editorial was created in partnership with Rockwear. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here

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