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Get active with Mind Body Business

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If ever there was a person to embody Mind Body Business, it’s Laticia Gibson. The Founder and Managing Director of Blue Clay Creatives is a picture of vitality and success. As a business owner and an advocate of healthy living, Laticia has organised an innovative two-day function which highlights the connections of a healthy mind and body, and how they translate to a healthy business.

It’s difficult to find the words to describe this event, as it’s the first of its kind.

“I steer away from calling it a conference or an expo, purely because it’s neither of those things” says Laticia. “It’s like an MBA in a weekend, but with a holistic approach.”

This is not the kind of event where you turn up in a suit and stand around handing out business cards. Mind Body Business will be held in the first week of October at the Australian Institute of Sport, and will be making the most of the venue’s facilities. Guests are encouraged to don activewear and check their expectations at the door.

The idea behind the event came to Laticia organically.

“I was running with my dog around Mount Ainslie and thinking about all these new friends that I’d made since moving to Canberra and how they were all young, energetic people who owned their own businesses. I thought ‘isn’t that an interesting connection?’, and then I started thinking that it actually makes a lot of sense”, explains Laticia.

“The healthier you are, the more self motivated you are. I just kept thinking about how it would be great to have a series of workshops and speakers that caters to that”.

Laticia voiced her idea to Ante Strika, the founder of Canberra holistic health business Primal Move Australia and Co-program Director of the event, who was immediately supportive of the venture.

“Ante has been instrumental in helping me organise the program” says Laticia. “With his background in health and fitness he was able to bring to the party a lot of information around what we needed to focus on in terms of topics and who we could get as speakers.”

The event has grown from a few people in a room to a 500-person event featuring high profile speakers.

“I don’t do things by halves” laughs Laticia.

The event has attracted an impressive line up of speakers, including one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Creel Price. Not only will Creel present a wealth of knowledge to the business professionals, but also to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Club Kidpreneur will run over the weekend as well, which Laticia describes as “a foundation encouraging young people to look into the world of entrepreneurship and business.”

Also joining the line up is renowned author of The Happy Cookbook and nutritionist Lola Berry as well as Dr Helena Popovic, the nation’s leading expert on brain plasticity, and Dr Graeme Joy, who Laticia describses as “the first Australian to ski the North Pole and lead an expedition up there, he’ll be speaking about leadership.”

“We’ve also got David Hohnke from ACTEW Water talking about corporate branding and identity. We’ve got a range of speakers. It’s all about speaking to the Mind Body Business aspects so whether that be looking at emotional blockages, mindset, branding, sales and marketing, the whole kit and caboodle!”

The event will take be flexible and allow guests to tailor their experience to their different levels and needs. While some key note speakers will address the whole audience in the AIS Arena, people will be able to choose which workshops that they attend. “Whether they are a start up, an established business or a leader with years of experience, they choose their own path of learning. It’s quite interactive and movement oriented, with one of our guest speakers Duncan Peak, founder of Power Living Yoga running a couple of yoga sessions over the weekend.”

“We’ll be running Tai Chi, meditation, we’ll have exhibition stands so people can buy products directly from our suppliers, whether that be yoga, crystals, cook books or juice from The Fix.”

The event will feature networking opportunities for professionals to interact with one another, in a dynamic and unique environment. Laticia promises that there’ll be surprises in store for attendees.

“It really is about having fun, getting activated, and being motivated. It will challenge people, test boundaries and challenge ways of thinking.”

Laticia hopes that people leave Mind Body Business with courage to activate their potential. “Even if a person changes one element of their day to day life, whether it be nutrition, exercise, or mediation, if I can change one thing to create a better practice for them, then my job is done.”

The links between mind, body and business might not seem immediately obvious, but they are industries which are becoming more and more intertwined as research comes to light.

“I’ve ran my own business for four and a half years now” says Laticia, “and I’ve learnt that if you don’t look after yourself, it trickles down: down to your staff, the way that you interact with clients, and your level of motivation. It’s about learning how to deal with the stress that comes with running a business. It’s amazing how many people don’t actually understand how simple things around diet and exercise can affect your mind state, and there are scientific reasons behind that.”

This trend toward self awareness and wellness is one that’s here to stay. “Green smoothies aren’t hippy anymore, they’re hipster!” laughs Laticia.

For someone that has only lived in Canberra for eight months, Laticia has a thorough understanding of, and appreciation for, our lifestyle and culture. “Canberra is a unique market, it’s got a high level of public servants, but the reason I chose Canberra as the parent city of the event in the first place is because of this really raw energy that I’ve seen emerge over the past few years.”

She cites entrepreneurs such as Matt Bullow of eWay and Mick Spencer of On The Go Sports as examples of the entrepreneurial spirit that’s increasingly manifesting in our city. An audience which according to Laticia is largely uncatered for.

“I want this to be a name that’s synonymous with Canberra” she says, “ I want to have it every year, I will never take it away from Canberra. I want people to come from other cities and experience Canberra. So many people don’t understand what’s here.”

If you love the sound of Mind Body Business as much as we do, be sure to secure your early bird ticket. With a saving of over $500, you’ll be getting access to a weekend packed with inspiration, motivation and networking opportunities.

The essentials

What: Mind Body Business
When: Please note the date has changed for this event – a new date and venue are to be confirmed soon 
How much: Tickets from $700

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