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How to NOT put on 5 kgs over the Xmas week:

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At Her Canberra we are realistic.

We know we aren’t losing weight over the Christmas week – we can, however, try and maintain what we have.  How do you manage your health and fitness over the Christmas holidays – does having more time mean you put on extra kilos?  Or does extra time mean you actually have time to exercise, and buy healthy fresh food?

There are some simple ways you can maintain a healthy weight over the holidays – here are a few tips:

1. Brush your teeth after each meal. A fresh mouth means less picking.

2. Carry  chewing gum on you; have it after you’ve had your Christmas meal.

3. Drink water to fill yourself up. Swap cola and sweet drinks for water with fresh lemon, lime or mint on ice. Or bring a drink bottle with you.

4. CHEW your food. At least 10 chews per bite. Chewing your food assists digestion, and allows your taste buds actually work.

5. Put your fork and knife down each time you have a bite of food. There’s no rush. CHEW. Contribute to the conversation, then repeat.

6. Don’t mindlessly eat. Enjoy what you are putting in. Why not switch the iphone for Christmas (how many days can you last? I’m turning mine off for the entire week.)

7. Put salads and fresh foods on your plate first. Pick the deep green colours, and bright vegetables rather than the battered nonsense.

8. Choose a small plate…that doesn’t mean stack your plate up!

9. Go for a walk when you get up on Christmas day. Go for a walk on Christmas afternoon. Don’t sit down ALL DAY.  Remember: energy in, energy out. Simple.

10. Remember, you don’t have to be the first person to start (or finish) eating. Wait. While the others are getting seconds, you could be on your first plate 😉

How will be look after yourself this Christmas?

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