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Looking for an unparalleled workout experience? Look no further than Studio Pilates International

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Looking for a luxurious studio (complete with hardwood floors, sleek custom-designed reformer machines, and a chandelier) that offers an unparalleled workout experience? Studio Pilates International is here to help.

And trust us when we say this might be Canberra’s best value-for-money reformer Pilates class.

Because not only has the workout itself been created by a team of physiotherapists—making every class safe, effective, and completely transformative for clients of all ages and fitness levels—but for those looking to try low-impact exercise sessions that promise high-intensity sweat, it’s incredibly easy to get started with their intro offer of six classes for $60. But more on that later.

Owned by physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Tammy-Jo Hunter and open in three locations across Canberra (Braddon, Manuka, and Gungahlin), the unique Studio Pilates method has been loved by clients for 20 years—including Leigh Smallwood, who has been attending the Gungahlin studio since it first opened in February 2022.

Instantly falling in love with the seamless class experience that utilises audio-visual technology (think multiple SPTV screens to display visual demonstrations of each exercise paired with an audio track) combined with on-the-floor instructors to provide a unique, full body workout, Leigh says she was hooked from her very first class, thriving in the welcoming environment.

“It’s the fact that you’re the one that has control over the springs, how you’re positioning yourself. And the team—depending on who’s on—most of them physically move you and it’s just a tiny tweak but all of a sudden you feel it,” she says.

“But honestly, it’s mainly the team [that I love]. They’re a great bunch of people and it’s a bit addictive when you walk in and the first thing you hear is ‘Oh my God this is the best, you’re here!’ I mean, how could you not want to go?”

Now attending Studio Pilates classes between three and six times a week, Leigh admits that even a year later, she’s still riding that Pilates high—and she hasn’t even thought about trying another studio for her daily dose of exercise, especially with the instructors happily adapting the workouts to suit her individual needs.

“It’s also the fact that the team puts in so much work to become instructors,” she says. “They have all of this knowledge, and they have to learn this stuff because our bodies are different…They don’t want to hurt you, they want you to enjoy it!” she says.

“It’s really addictive, it’s one of those things where it’s very, very much a mental thing… I feel like I’m coming home.”

Offering everything you could want in a workout—including an environment that supports individual goals in an inclusive, supportive, clean, and luxurious space—according to Leigh, the best part is if you do decide to try six classes for $60, you’ll have two weeks to fully immerse yourself.

“There’s also an orientation session in there where you become familiar with the studio and learn how to use the equipment safely … you could do the whole six sessions in one week,” she adds with a laugh, “but easing into it over two weeks will look after those core muscles that don’t often get noticed.”

“But it does have a two-week limit on it. And I think that’s important because that gives you an understanding of why you should really try to do classes three days a week.”

And with classes available morning, noon and night, there’s a class time that suits every lifestyle and schedule—so, if you’re looking for an effective, addictive, and completely transformative reformer Pilates class (that doesn’t hurt your bank account), why not give Studio Pilates a go?

“Just give it a go—and that’s all walks of life, men, and women! It doesn’t matter what you look like, your physical structure doesn’t matter, they’ll help you out and you’ll get what you need out of it,” says Leigh.

“Your body gets used to it—believe it or not—and after two weeks your body starts understanding. It’s absolutely amazing.”


What: Studio Pilates International
Manuka Terrace (next door Post Office), The Marketplace Gungahlin (above Big W) and 16 Lonsdale St, Braddon

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