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At-home workstation workouts: Day Five

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Week Two of lockdown is complete! And, hopefully, better workplace setups, thanks to the friendly reminders every day this week.

How did you go this week with the workplace workouts? Easy to follow?

Try to have a break from your computer this weekend. Let your body have a little reset. Here is your last daily posture reminder for this week—posture, positioning, pausing, moving, repeat.

Each day this week, we have encouraged you to get up and move, and do the Workplace Workout routine—three exercises, five days a week.

One last “posture-pause” for this week. Think about your home computer posture set-up:

  • Slight tuck of the chin, to activate your deep neck flexors.
  • Chin “neutral and in”
  • Eyes should be forward—to encourage your neck not to “flex” for a long period of time. Maybe you need to pop a couple of thick books under your computer?
  • Sit or stand, with your spine tall and shoulders back and down. Once you are as tall as possible, release by 10%. This is more sustainable for a longer period.
  • Hips and knees—approximately 90 degrees bend. Maybe you need a towel behind your pelvis? Or books under your chair?
  • Knees directly above your heels.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor, with weight distributed evenly.

We have a simple structure for the Workplace Workouts:

Monday: Thoracic (tick!)

Tuesday: Neck (tick!)

Wednesday: Shoulders (tick!)

Thursday: Hips (tick!)

Friday: Core (today!)

Ok. Here’s today’s workout.

Core Workout

Print the PDF here

1) Dead Bug

2) Bird Dog

3) Plank  

Would you like more simple workplace workouts next week? Let us know! Send us an email at

Stay home, stay safe.

Love. Rach and Kirra

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