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Ask an Exercise Physiologist: mountain running and morning workouts

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Great questions this week about mountain running preparation tips and a morning core workout.

Thank you to the Her Canberra community for being so engaging and asking the tough questions. Addressing your concerns is the first step in finding answers.

I’ll get to the other questions on the benefits of exercising with depression, Hiit training and sciatic pain over the next month.

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“I’ve entered the Stromlo Mountain Running Festival in November. I hate hills. Do you have any short-cut advice, to get me through the 10km?”

— Stacey, 58

Hello there Stacey,

Ahhh, sorry, there are no short-cuts in mountain running! Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Leg strength – I’d recommend adhering to a strength program 3 times a week (20 mins will get you to the start line!). Mountains are all about power to weight (not “short-cuts”—hehe), and functional strength.

Focus on glutes, legs, postural running core.  Functional movements, that mimic the running posture is essential.

Practice IN the hills.  Stromlo is in your backyard – start with a couple of the hill repetitions, then increase the amount of reps each week. Focussing on form and technique.

Mountain running is a power to weight race – focusing on a healthy lifestyle/diet is important.

Nutrition—do you have a nutrition and hydration plan for training and racing? Don’t get to race day, without practicing your plan.

Consistency—do you have a running coach to support you and your goals? Having a plan, scheduled rest days, and gradual increase in km’s will help get you to the start line, without an injury

Best of luck! It’s a very well organised event, and you get a great finishers t-shirt too 😉

“I would like to start my day with an inside core workout. I feel very stiff for the first part of the day. Do you have a program you would kindly share, that is floor based?”

— Bede, 66

Hi Bede,

Starting your day with a movement program is a wonderful plan. Win the morning, win the day!

Have you consulted your GP about your morning stiffness? I’d recommend seeing an Allied Health Professional to help upgrade your exercise program. As requested, here’s a floor-based core program to get you started (For a PDF explanation, click here).

1) Dead Bug

2) High Plank with trunk rotation

3) Knee Hovers

4) Air bicycle

5) Sit backs

I’ll have a two-minute demonstration IGTV clip for you dropping into HerCanberra’s Instagram later this week.

Good luck, Bede.

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