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At-home workstation workouts: Day Three

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14 days of lockdown—8+ days of poor at-home workplace set-ups.

Here is our daily reminder—posture, positioning, pausing, moving, repeat.

Each day this week, we are going to give you a workplace routine to adhere to—three exercises, five days a week.

Let’s pause for one minute. Think about your home computer posture set-up:

  • Slight tuck of the chin, to activate your deep neck flexors.
  • Chin “neutral and in”
  • Eyes should be forward—to encourage your neck not to “flex” for a long period of time. Maybe you need to pop a couple of thick books under your computer?
  • Sit or stand, with your spine tall and shoulders back and down. Once you are as tall as possible, release by 10%. This is more sustainable for a longer period.
  • Hips and knees—approximately 90 degrees bend. Maybe you need a towel behind your pelvis? Or books under your chair?
  • Knees directly above your heels.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor, with weight distributed evenly.

We have a simple structure for the Workplace Workouts:

Monday: Thoracic (tick!)

Tuesday: Neck (tick!)

Wednesday: Shoulders (today!)

Thursday: Hips

Friday: Core

Ok. Here’s today’s workout.

Shoulder Workout

Print the PDF here

1) Wall press

2) Prone scapular retraction, in Y position

3) Side Plank on knees  

Stay home, stay safe.

Love, Rach and Kirra

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