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ACTION! Feature length film Blue World Order being filmed in Canberra

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The World as we know it is gone. In the near future, a nuclear war decimated the northern hemisphere, and the survivors sought refuge in the south where a new government formed, known only as The Order.  Isolated and desperate, Jake Slater scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep his unconscious daughter alive, unaware that he holds the key to the survival of mankind.

Blue World Order  (BWO) is a screenplay written by three talented Canberra natives; Dallas Bland, Sarah Mason and Ché Baker (AKA Scott Baker, author of The Rule of Knowledge’.) The feature length action sci-fi, directed by Ché and Dallas, is currently being filmed across several Canberra locations.


“We have great locations in Canberra,” Sarah said. “The sort of places that only true Canberrans would recognise. For example, the secret ‘Cleaver Scene’ on the BWO website was filmed in the basement of the National Film and Sound Archive. 

“The BWO cast is just fantastic; with stars from The Hobbit, Mad Max, The Great Gatsby, and Underbelly. We are really excited to have Aussie screen legend Bruce Spence playing deranged torturer ‘Whippet.  And without giving too much away, there are still some big casting surprises yet to be revealed.

“Our experienced actors will make this film really international, something that will certainly be obvious in the finished product.”.


Jake Ryan, most recently in The Great Gatsby and Underbelly, stars as Jake Slater. As a former heavyweight TaeKwonDo champion Jake has all the ‘kick-ass’ moves to draw action fans to the cinema while the women will be dazzled by…well, let’s say he isnt hard to look at! 

Stephen Hunter, who played the ginger-haired fatso ‘Bombur’ in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit stars as ‘Madcap; a full-bodied character with impeccable timing and possibly a few short circuiting neurones.

Striking Nigerian-born, Los Angeles-trained Bolude Fakuade stars as the brilliant scientist Marion Connors, an essential player in the twisted plot and an unmistakeable beauty. 

“The actors have been rehearsing for a few weeks in preparation for the shoot.” Sarah said. “They bring their own perspective and personalities to the characters and make them their own. They have made the story bigger and better than I thought was possible.”  

“People dont always see the amazing people behind the camera but our crew are giving it everything they have. Its a great feeling to know that everyone is putting 100% in to make Blue World Order an awesome film.”

“We’ve attracted experienced and talented people in all aspects of the movie, including art design, wardrobe, makeup and our on-set ‘guns’ who keep the wheels of the whole production turning.” she said.

“Our post-production crew have worked on hit blockbusters such as The Avengers, Wolverine and Mad Max and will play a crucial part in polishing the edit and making the action ‘pop’.”

While not strictly part of the cast, the DeLorean from the Back to the Future series is also starring in BWO. Is it a coincidence that the same car that went to the future of 2015 is in a movie this year…..I think not! Australia’s top-selling author Matthew Reilly and Executive Producer of BWO, donated the silver beast which will appear in a car chase to rival the best.


With plans to release Blue World Order in early 2016 you may have a chance to be involved! Casting for extras will be held in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the BWO Movie Facebook page for information.

A crowd-funding campaign is planned for the near future which will give you a chance to purchase some great incentives to support the release of the film. Personally, Im hoping a ride in the DeLorean… Next year, when Blue World Order is the biggest hit of the year, you can say that you heard about it first at HerCanberra!

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