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Going, going, gone! DESIGN Canberra’s auction + Third Place closing party

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DESIGN Canberra Festival is going out on a high—offering you the chance to create memories that last well beyond November 2020.

Throughout the month, DESIGN Canberra has succeeded tenfold in reinvigorating Canberrans’ creativity after the slump that was 2020, exemplifying the best of Canberra and Australia’s design talent.

Whether you’ve marvelled at the intricate mosaic of glass and light captured in Frank Hinder’s Star Ceiling, taken part in a dynamic Lunchtime Workshop, or enjoyed the multimodal experience of Hannah Quinlivan’s Desiderium, the month has delivered on its promise of allowing us to reconnect, and reflect.

However, having captured the month of November with its innovative artistic and architectural talent, DESIGN Canberra isn’t leaving without an electrifying ending.

First up, DESIGN Canberra’s annual online design auction will allow you to scoop design from emerging and established local artists for your own abode.

Running from Friday 20 November to Saturday 28 November, the auction is a mainstay of the festival and perfect for those who feel inspired to integrate design into their own home.

The auction items present an eclectic assortment of furniture, artistic installations and elaborate jewellery pieces. Exemplifying this design talent is Kirstie Rea, selected as the 2020 designer-in-residence for her intricate glassworks.

Blanket 1, Blanket 2, Blanket 3 by Kirstie Rea.

Three of Rea’s glass Blanket pieces are displayed on the auction page, in the colours green, apricot and amber. Said to signify comfort and care, the glass blankets capture the dichotomy of 2020 as a year promising comfort and safety at a cost—the human awareness of the inherent fragility of the broader world.

Rea’s work shows extraordinary craftsmanship, where her unique ability to create billowy folds out of the brittle material of glass has captured both national and international attention.

Chi Yusuf, Walnut branch desk and chair + Mavis Marks, women’s business fabric. Credit: Lean Timms

Another designer of note this year is Mavis Nampitjinpa Marks, whose detailed engagement with textiles and screen-printing is displayed in the Women’s Business Fabric (feature image).

Capturing a scene of traditional women’s business, Marks paints the womens’ ceremonial dancing at Mount Liebig, a location to which she has an intrinsic connection. The beautiful fabric was created by Publisher Textiles and Papers, who screen-printed Marks’ deeply personal design to etch it into eternity.

Marks’ work has been exhibited globally, where her status as an accomplished Luritja Pintupi artist has generated discussion and praise.

Peanut Paste by Harriet McKay + Abberation – Tall Bottle by Kristen Burgham. Photography: Lean Timms.

The second project of note in the latter half of DESIGN Canberra 2020 is the Third Place Closing Party on Saturday 28 November.

Held at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space by the lake, alongside Kayannie Denigan’s My Country Graphic Intervention, the Closing Party is intended to allow for the development of deepening connection between maker and viewer.

The party draws its name from Third Place Philosophy—“a place between home and work”—aiming to create a relaxed space for people to discuss ideas, enjoy themselves and establish new relationships united over a respect for design.

My Country Graphic Intervention by Kayannie Denigan. Credit: 5 Foot Photography.

The event will feature a lighting installation and live music as well as supper boxes by Two Before Ten, and signature cocktails served by The Pop Inn.

In the supper boxes, a selection of chutneys and flat breads will be accompanied by fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from Two Before Ten’s Aranda Urban Farm. Through championing this sustainable approach to sourcing produce, DESIGN Canberra seek to nod to the themes of sustainability in DESIGN Canberra’s 2020 program, after the year of fire, smoke and hail.

Additionally, the service of DESIGN Canberra’s signature Sweet Suburbia cocktail—combining local Lake George Winery rose gin with elderflower, Prosecco, a dash of lime juice and raspberry—promises to bring a touch of vibrancy to the event which will farewell another spectacular year of design.

Also on offer will be a range of custom tonics, cold-pressed juice, and a selection of The Pop Inn’s craft beers and local wines.

Tickets to the event are only $35, a small price to pay for a night to remember. Book now to ensure a spot at this much-anticipated event.


What: DESIGN Canberra Auction
When: 20-28 November
Where: 32auctions.com/designcanberra2020
More information: designcanberrafestival.com.au/event/design-canberra-online-auction-2020

What: Third Place Closing Party
When Saturday 28 November from 6.30–9 pm
Where: Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Parkes
Tickets: $35 per person, including a supper box and a signature cocktail
Tickets + more information: designcanberrafestival.com.au/event/third-place-design-canberra-closing-party

HerCanberra is a proud sponsor of DESIGN Canberra Festival 2020

Feature image: DESIGN Canberra’s 2019 Auction Party. Credit: 5 Foot Photography.

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